Semi-Naked Stripper Performs Lap Dance on Wheel Chair-Bound Veteran, Makes Him Touch Breast at Taiwan Nursing Home (Video)

A government nursing home for army veterans in Taiwan faced brickbats after a video showing a stripper entertaining a group of wheelchair-bound residents surfaced on social media. The backlash prompted the nursing home authorities to issue an apology.


Stripper Gave a Veteran Lap Dance During Her Performance

The incident took place at the Taoyuan Veterans Home, a state-run facility, in Taiwan three days before region's annual harvest festival. The 25-second viral clip shows a woman wearing a bright red and black lingerie performing in front of 12 wheel-chair bound residents at the facility. She is seen performing on the floor as she continues to do dance moves by spreading her legs.

Seconds later, the woman is seen touching the veterans as few of them cheer her on with claps. The woman then moves on to perform a lap dance on a resident prompting him to touch her breasts and body.

The Sun reported that after the clip went viral, the nursing home was forced to issue an apology. Stating that they 'deeply regret' the incident, the facility claimed that they wanted to raise spirits after two previous Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations had been cancelled due to the flu pandemic, reported the outlet.

Terming the stripper's actions as 'too enthusiastic and fiery,' a nursing home spokesman told the outlet, "The intention of the event was to entertain residents and make them happy. We are very sorry for the offence that was caused."

Social Media Reacts

While the clip certainly invited a lot of wrath from a certain sections of social media users, there were several others who found the event amusing. "I see no wrongs Bravo Nursing home in Taiwan you have my respect the full Force of the US Navy should protect its sovereignty.....lmao," tweeted a user.

"Post-Covid Pandemic. A Mid-Autumn Festival to remember at The Taoyuan Veterans Home — a nursing home for retired army personnel in Taiwan, 08 September. Occasional distractions may be healthy," wrote another.

"Fantastic idea. I applaud this nursing home in Taiwan for thinking outside the box," read another tweet.

"Watched that video from the nursing home in Taiwan. First, Taiwan should be defended to the hilt. Second, we have such a Puritanical culture that really really hates the elderly. Lonely old men trying to get one last bit of enjoyment in their lives & all these judgmental people," wrote a user.