Elderly Woman 'Kidnapped' By Hospital for Refusing to Take COVID-19 Test; Here is the Truth

A viral claim stating that an elderly woman was 'kidnapped' by authorities after she refused to undertake a COVID-19 test is found to be fake. The incident took place at the Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center in Vancouver, Washington, last month.

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic in December 2019 the researcher across the world were rushing to find a vaccine for the same. However, the vaccine too was surrounded by a number of conspiracy theories propagated by the anti-vaxxers on the social media. While a few suggested that theCOVID-19 vaccine comes with a microchip, others suggested that it might affect fertility.

Covid test
Coronavirus testing in U.S. Pixabay

Maskless Protesters Try to Forcibly Enter Ward

A Facebook post made by user Correct Media read "Kidnapped for not taking a C-ovid test! Kidnapped for not taking a C-ovid test this is a crime against humanity! Fact checkers are all over this but you can still see the video where it says "see video" please share."

In the video accompanying the post, a voiceover is heard claiming: "Vancouver, Washington, an elderly woman was held hostage by a hospital for refusing to take a coronavirus test. "When her family showed up to get her released, they were attacked by the police."

The video also shows security guard pushing a maskless woman back as she forcibly tries to enter a ward. Another protestor also tries to forcibly open the automated doors as the shouts grow stronger. Another official is seen using pepper spray on the man as he takes a back step.

Later a woman claims that the elderly patient was being held in the hospital against her will as she refused to undertake. "If you could this message out please we are in Vancouver Washington. We need all hands on deck people that can come down here," she said.

A few moments later it is heard that the woman took the test but wasn't allowed to leave as the result will be available after 24-hours. The video also claimed that the woman, who was admitted to the hospital for a UTI, wasn't allowed to meet her daughter or leave the premise.

Woman Told Cops She Wanted to Stay in the Hospital

Debunking the claims being made in the post, Lead Stories claimed that the woman was placed in quarantine while she received medical treatment. In a statement issued to the outlet, the Clark County Sheriff's Office said that the patient told a deputy that she wanted to stay in the hospital. "The woman later requested to leave and was released less than an hour later," the statement said.

The statement also outlined the details of the 911 call placed by the woman's daughter who claimed that she was being by the hospital authorities against her will. The caller also said that she had a medical Power of Attorney over her mother and was not being allowed in to see her.

The outlet reported that the patient who had refused to submit to a COVID test while being admitted was placed in 24-hour quarantine during the treatment process. The hospital personnel told the outlet that her daughter had refused to wear a mask upon entering the hospital and was refused access to see her mother in quarantine.

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