Elderly Japanese photographer creates global buzz with eccentric selfies

Kimiko Nishimoto has a growing selfie collection in various interesting poses.

88-year-old Japanese photographer creates global buzz with eccentric selfies
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An 88-year-old Japanese photographer has created an online buzz with her selfies paving a way for herself to give talk shows and exhibitions across Japan, The Mainichi, a Japanese daily reported.

"I'm happy to see people enjoying my selfies," Kimiko Nishimoto, a professional cyclist-turned-amateur photographer told The Mainichi.

Nishimoto, who started photography at the age of 72, published her first photo collection titled 'Hitori ja naka yo' (You're not alone) online in July, after her selfies which were posted by her acquaintance, gained popularity. Viewers were seen making comments such as "They gave me a lift" and "I laughed out loud".

Nishimoto made friends with younger photographers at a photography course that was organised by her son almost 16 years ago. Since then she got immersed into her new hobby. She has even set up her own studio at home.

She thought that she will "give a try to whatever interests me" and started taking her own photographs which we refer to as selfies.

At present, her growing photo collection includes several interesting selfies such as one in which she is sunbathing in a coat hanging from a laundry pole, while in another she can be seen posing as a frog or a baby.

Nishimoto's home suffered cracks due to the strong earthquakes that hit Kumamoto prefecture in April. But she was unharmed.

"The quake caused a mess, but it is important to stay positive. If there are people who are let down, I want them to laugh through my photos. I will keep taking pictures that convey the joy of life," she said.

At the age of 22, Nishimoto had taken up bicycle racing after being inspired by her younger brother, a professional cyclist. She made excellent achievements in the many races and finally retired as a pro cyclist upon her marriage. Before taking up bicycle racing, she used to work as a beautician.

She also worked part-time while raising three children.