Meet Deshun Wang: 10 lesser known facts about world's hottest grandfather

Deshun Wang was born and brought up in Shenyand, China in 1936.

Meet Deshun Wang: 10 lesser known facts about world's hottest grandfather
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Deshun Wang, popularly known as the world's hottest grand-dad, is a Chinese actor, model and artist, who created a sensation with his extremely fit physique and good looks at the age of 80 and took the internet by storm.

Deshun recently celebrated his birthday and clad in a crisp white shirt and black jeans entertained his guests with his witty comments.

"I should wear a long robe, with the word 'longevity' embroidered on the front...Two young maidens should help me into an old-style wooden chair," Deshun said pretending to hobble, as reported by the Straits Times.

However, the white-haired old boy is popular not only because his looks that can literally rise the temperature of the room but for his inspirational life and his zeal to explore life at his ripe old age.

"One way to tell if you're old or not is to ask yourself, 'Do you dare try something you've never done before?'" he said, according to the news portal.

Here are some lesser known facts about the world's hottest Grandpa:

• Deshun Wang was born and brought up in a humble family in Shenyand, China in 1936

• He started his career as a theatrical actor at the age of 24. He later appeared in movies like The Forbidden Kingdom (2208), Warriors of Heaven and Earth (2003) and Mystery of the Phantom Flame (2010).

• It was only at the age of 44 that he started learning English.

• At 49 he created his own pantomime troupe and went to Beijing to become a "Beijing Drifter".

• It was at the age of 50 that he thought of making a physique and hit the gym. Since then he never stopped training.

• He created the world's only form of performance art called "living sculpture performance" at the age of 57.

• It was at the age of 79 that he got his first catwalk

• He also took lessons in singing and dancing

• Wang said he was always athletic. He also said he was an avid swimmer as a child and he still swims around a kilometre each day.

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