Edmonton Oilers Fan Who Went Viral After Flashing the Crowd Identified as Kate as She Deletes All Her Social Media Accounts

She also deleted all of her social media accounts following the viral incident and has received offers from porn sites as a result.

The identity of the viral Edmonton Oilers fan who flashed her boobs during an NHL Conference Finals game has finally been revealed, answering the question that many social media users have been asking.

The 'Oilers flasher', Kate, appeared on Barstool Sports' podcast 'Spittin Chiclets' on Monday, discussing the events that led to her becoming an overnight internet sensation during the Oilers' Game 5 win against the Dallas Stars on May 31. The boob flasher has since been breaking the internet. Kate, who was dubbed the "most mysterious woman in hockey" by the hosts, confirmed during the podcast that she was at the live game and not at a watch party.

Hockey's Most Mysterious Girl Revealed

Edmonton Oilers fan Kate seen flashing her boobs after which she went viral X

"You know, what... I don't know," she said at first, when asked for her reason behind flashing her breast. "The handful of Cheezies that I ate all day and the eight Trulys I drank in the first period was definitely inspiring."

"We were all going crazy. It wasn't planned or anything... and yeah it just kind of happened," she added.

Former NHL star and co-host on the podcast, Paul Bissonnette, asked the question that "a lot of people had," been wondering if her breasts were real.

"No, they are not," Kate, who works on an oil field in Canada, admitted.

Kate also revealed that she had reported the original video that was posted on X, thinking that the NSFW footage would disappear. However, it obviously did not, as it spread online instead.

Kate has gone viral since flashing her boobs X

"It's been a long couple [days]... [I saw the video] that night and I was on Twitter and I can't even remember [the account name]," Kate said.

"I got it removed, I reported it and I was like ''Okay it's gone, we dealt with it,' and then, on Friday night, it came back with a vengeance. It was not someone I was with [that filmed the video]."

Happy with All the Attention

The interview had a cringy and uncomfortable twist at times, as the 'Spittin Chiclets' crew doubted that Kate was the actual woman in the viral video.

Kate reassured her fans that her boobs were original X

However, Kate reassured them that she is indeed the viral 'Oilers flasher,' joking early on that she's "still trying to be in the witness protection program" while wearing sunglasses in her car.

She also deleted all of her social media accounts following the viral incident and has received offers from porn sites as a result.

Kate mentioned that she isn't interested in those kinds of offers and hasn't been harassed too much about the viral clip.

"Only people I've actually known have actually asked about it, only one person has said something," she said.

Kate X

The Oilers will face the Florida Panthers in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Monday night. Edmonton is behind in the series, 1-0, following a 3-0 loss in Game 1.