Earth Entering Thick Debris Field, Netizens Suspect Arrival of Nibiru

Netizens believe that the increase in asteroid close approaches is an indication of Nibiru headed toward earth

Several conspiracy theorists have long been claiming that there is a ninth planet named Nibiru, alias Planet X, in the solar system. According to these conspiracy theorists, this ninth planet has been lurking at the edge of the solar system for several years, and now, it is in its collision course towards the earth.

Even though there is no scientific evidence to substantiate the Nibiru doomsday theory, several recent studies have suggested that there could be an unknown ninth planet in the solar system, and the weird behavior of trans-Neptunian objects could be indicating the existence of Planet X.

Earth Entering Thick Debris Field

Adding up the heat to this Nibiru apocalypse theory, a popular YouTube channel named MrMBB333 has claimed that earth has entered into a thick debris field. To substantiate this finding, Michael Bradbury, the conspiracy theorist who runs this YouTube channel, cites the recent rise in asteroid close approaches.


In the video, MrMBB333 also shared some bizarre sky photos. Most of the photos looked creepy, and some of them even looked like coming out directly from post-apocalyptic films.

Conspiracy Theorists Awaiting Doomsday

The video shared by MrMBB333 has already gone viral on online spaces, and within 48 hours, it has racked up more than 58,000 views. Most of the viewers who watched the video argue that humanity is going through the end days, and a surprising visitor from space, most probably Nibiru is all set to wipe out life from the surface of the blue planet.

"Sounds like Earth is now entering Nibiru debris field along with its tail that's filled with asteroid/comet," commented a YouTube user.

"This is all really intriguing. All of this happening with the very strange weather during one of the most auspicious political times. Coincidence?" commented another YouTuber.

A few days back, Pat Robertson, a popular televangelist had claimed that Donald Trump, the reigning president of the United States will win the upcoming elections on November 03. He also predicted that the victory of Trump will mark the beginning of the end of the planet, as a rogue asteroid or space body will hit the earth soon.