Dubai Balcony Photoshoot: Playboy Vitaliy Grechin Speaks Out, Says He Slept with Two Women who Posed Naked

The Dubai balcony photoshoot became the talk of the town on social media as pictures of a dozen nubile models posing naked on a skyscraper in broad daylight caught everyone's attention.

All the models along with the photographer and organizer Vitaliy Grechin, who the girls called a playboy, were arrested by the Dubai police and held in custody the same day the video was leaked online.

Nude photoshoot
More than a dozen women were arrested for posing naked in Dubai Twitter

While everyone faced huge fines and a prison sentence of up to 12 years as per the law, Dubai authorities went lenient and ordered the deportation of all women involved and boarded them back on a plane to their hometown, mostly Ukraine and Russia.

Only one model, Anastasia, is still held in custody as she tested positive for Covid-19 and would be deported when she tests negative.

However, the photographer and organizer playboy Vitaliy Grechin are still held in custody. Grechin finally broke his silence on the issue and spoke out saying he doesn't regret anything and also revealed that she had casual sexual encounters with two models who posed naked on the balcony, but at different times.

Women posing naked in Dubai
A group of women pose naked in Dubai Twitter

''I've had sexual relations with two of these girls. And not at the same time. We're normal people,'' he told The Sun but didn't reveal the names of the two women. He continued saying that though posing naked on a balcony is not wrong, posing in Dubai is wrong as per their law.

''What the girls did is wrong, based on the laws of Dubai. But we are talking about a bunch of very young, excited, open-minded, regular girls who have nothing to do with escorting, modelling or anything else.'' Grechin stood by the girls saying they were all regular models and not escorts and were just having fun. ''In Dubai, everything is on camera. If we had other guys coming over, if these girls were prostituting, it would all show up.''

Women posing naked in Dubai
Women posing naked in Dubai Twitter

When asked if he would publicly apologize for his actions, Grechin revealed there is no question of apologizing to anyone and stated that 90 percent of straight males would love to see these many naked women on their balcony at any given day. ''I live the way 90 per cent of heterosexual males on this planet would like to live but don't. And I don't want to apologize for it.''

However, Grechin is still neck deep in trouble as the Dubai authorities have slapped a six-figure fees to sort out his legal issue and also the legal issues of all the women involved.