Jail Inmates Disfigure the Face of Man who Raped 13-year-old Girl

A pedophile admitted raping an innocent 13-year-old girl by dragging her into an alleyway while she was on a phone call talking to her classmate about her school homework in London in November, 2020.

The man overpowered the girl and removed her school uniform and threatened to kill her if she doesn't co-operate to his demands and raped her in broad daylight in the alleyway.

The police arrested the rapist, Kadian Nelson, who was brought to court where he admitted he kidnapped, raped and threatened the minor girl.

The court ordered the police to keep him in prison without bail until further hearing and sentencing and he was taken to HMP Wandsworth prison, South West London.

Pedophile Rapist Kadian Nelson Rapes Minor Girl
Kadian Nelson jailed for raping a minor girl Twitter / MET Police

Just hours after he arrived in prison, fellow inmates brutally attacked the 27-year-old rapist damaging and disfiguring his face. He now needs a plastic surgery to revive his previous normal looks.

It is revealed that the pedophile received punches in prison hours after he was brought in and was sent flying by fellow inmates leaving him with severe face injuries that required immediate medical intervention.

It is believed that the rapist fell on the edge of a wooden desk after a hard punch and the desk cracked by the force of the fall, which put a splinter into his cheek and head.

Reports state that the fellow inmate who landed the fatal punch against the rapist, was brought to prison in the same van after the court hearing and was enraged and disgusted by what he had done to the little school girl and launched the brutal attack leaving him disfigured.

"It was a brutal attack by a prisoner who had arrived in the same van. Everyone knew what he had done. It was clearly targeted," said a source to The Sun. However, the police have stepped in the issue and are investigating the matter. A Prison Service spokeswoman told the publication ''Police are investigating,'' without revealing further details about the process.

Kadian Nelson's hearing is now put forward to August 21, 2021 and at Kingston Crown Court and people are expecting the judge to pass a harsher sentence on the rapist for destroying the life of a minor teen.