Cafe' Faces Criticism After It Announces Fat People Are Not Allowed

A London based Cafe' received flak on Twitter after customers accused the owners for blatantly displaying their racist, sexist, transphobia and fatphobia out in the open with little regard in showing respect to other people's sentiments.

The cafe' which boasts of a ridiculous name 'F*ckoffee' and operates in Bethnal Green locality, recently put up a paper sign on one of their benches labelling it in all capital letters 'SORRY NO FATTIES'. If that wasn't enough, the cafe' also shared the picture on their Instagram handle angering people for displaying insensitivity and hurting their feelings.

Fuckoffee displays Fatphobia saying Sorry no fatties
F*ckoffee displays fatphobia out in the open Twitter / Luisa Christie

A friend of Luisa Christie, who is a plus size bisexual and a vegan, decided to step out for a cup of coffee but felt alarmed when she came across the sign and took a picture of the bench with the fatphobia sign and shared it on her social media handle.

''Hi @F*ckoffee_HQ wtf is this? Just got sent this by a friend & before you defend as 'dark humour' it's not - it's fatphobia. If the bench isn't strong to be sat on then don't put it outside your coffee shop, or alternatively make it strong so anyone / multiple people can sit...'' And also thrashed them for posting the sign on their Instagram page. ''The way they've posted it on their insta page like they're proud of it too,'' and added a puking emoji.

Luisa also urged her followers to report the picture and flag it. After receiving multiple reporting's, Instagram finally pulled the plug on the image and is now deleted. However, screenshots of the image are still being circulated on social media.

Writer and CEO of Yelling, Chante Joseph, also joined the bandwagon and slammed the coffee shop for openly displaying fatphobia and urged people who stay nearby the cafe' to buy their coffee somewhere else and drain F*ckoffee out of revenue and business.

''F***offee is an aged coffee shop in Bethnal Green that thinks fatphobia, racism and rape jokes are a unique form of humour. If you live in that area I suggest you find somewhere else to buy your coffee,'' she tweeted and most of her followers agreed to her request.

An ex-employee opened up to Metro saying it was run by ''two white dudes in their 50s'' while she worked there and repeatedly heard ''problematic and oppressive'' comments on a regular basis and such language was treated as something normal.

The former employee also stated that she was not allowed to give the leftovers to homeless people at the end of the day as the owner had asked her to not feed anyone for free. ''He kept telling me never to give the leftovers to homeless people and just throw it away,'' she summed it up to Metro.