Lauderdale County Delays Arrest Warrant Against Corrections Officer Vicki White; Social Media Reacts

Lauderdale County Assistant Director of Corrections, Vicki White, is in trouble after the authorities issued a warrant for her, suspecting her of facilitating the escape of Casey Cole White, a murder suspect.

However, the delayed action on the part of the Lauderdale County Authorities to issue an arrest warrant for Vicki White has added to the social media buzz.

A segment of social media followers has pointed towards the absurdity in the case stating that till Monday the authorities in County Sheriff's office in Alabama were concerned about Vicki White's safety maintaining that her "well-being" was their primary concern. A day after, the authorities have issued an arrest warrant against the missing corrections officer, which seems weird, added the followers.

Vicki White and Casey Cole White

Lauderdale County Authorities Had a Soft Corner for Vicki White

Some people are questioning the concerned authorities about the reason behind this impulsive move.

The detractors have even accused the Lauderdale County authorities for having adopted a soft corner for Vicki White as it was her last day on job before retiring. "Were the authorities giving her the benefit of doubt or time to realize her mistake and come back?" questioned the detractors.

According to a report published in The Gadsden Times, the Alabama prison authorities have some leads in the case. The investigators are considering video footage, phone call records to ascertain that Vicki White and Casey Cole White were in a relationship. The report further stated that Vicky White had recently sold her house and had access to the funds that she got from the sold house.

A twitter user expressed, "The good old boys in Alabama have taken a few minutes away from their meth and moonshine to finally issue a warrant for Deputy Vicki White and her lover -er, I mean detainee Casey White. I suggest they start with every single-wide trailer in the county."

Another user wrote, "#Alabama - With arrest warrant issued for Vicki White, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton says that they "know for sure she did participate" in the escape of murder-suspect Casey White. Whether the prison official did so willingly or not is unknown."

A tweet read, "A warrant has been issued for Deputy Vicki White in relation to helping Inmate Casey White escape from an Alabama prison. Their location is still unknown. If you see them, call 911 immediately."