Dr. Romantic 4 Renewal: Cast Members Tease New Sequel

Dr. Romantic is one of the most loved K-dramas of all time. People from across the globe enjoyed watching the Doldam family and their various challenges on screens. The medical drama series wrapped up its third season last month with a surprising cliffhanger. The third sequel made the viewers desperate for another season.

After wrapping up the third season, the cast members shared their opinion about the show's renewal. While some are optimistic about returning with another sequel, others think the show may not return with a fourth season. Nevertheless, after watching the surprising cliffhanger of Dr. Romantic 3, the followers of this SBS medical drama series are curious about the next sequel.

Dr. Romantic 3
Dr. Romantic 3 poster. Twitter/SBS

Here is what the cast members have to say about Dr. Romantic 4:

Han Suk Kyu: When we were doing Season 1, I couldn't have even imagined Seasons 2 and 3. The reason 'Dr. Romantic' was able to continue for seven years is all thanks to the viewers' support. I hope that the romance of Dr. Kim continues on and I sincerely wish that everyone is always healthy and that everything you wish for comes true.

Kim Min Jae: Dr. Romantic is so meaningful to me. I've always wanted to do it. All the actors feel the same in wanting to do it. During Season 1, I didn't know Season 2 would be produced, and during Season 2, I didn't know Season 3 would be produced. We'll know once we get there.

So Ju Yeon: As this is a project I have deep affection for, to the point where I bawled on the day of our last filming, I still feel like I have to head to work at Doldam Hospital.

Yoon Na Moo: Although the final filming is over, I still can't believe it. I will not forget the director, writer, and all the actors and staff for the rest of my life. It was such an honor to act as the character of Jung In Soo. Throughout Seasons 1 to 3, I think I was able to grow as a doctor and as an ordinary member of society.

Ahn Hyo Seop: I was endlessly happy to meet Seo Woo Jin again. It was an honor to join those I respect on this long journey. As every moment was a lesson for me, I think this will remain as an unforgettable memory and a piece of my life. I want to sincerely thank viewers who especially gave us lots of love.

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