Dr. Romantic and The Interest of Love Actor Yoo Yeon Seok Faces Criticism; Agency Responds

Actor Yoo Yeon Seok, who captured the attention of K-drama fans worldwide for the portrayal of Dr. Kang Dong Joo in the SBS medical drama Dr. Romantic, faced criticism online. His agency Starship Entertainment responded to the allegations against him on Wednesday, March 22.

The entertainment agency denied the allegations against the actor, who appeared in the JTBC office drama The Interest of Love as bank employee Ha Sang Soo. According to the official statement released by the firm, it will take legal action against false rumors.

The Criticism

A netizen wrote a post against The Interest of Love actor on a community post. The person claimed the actor disrespected their father, a security guard at the apartment building the actor lived. According to the netizen, their father quit his job after a bad encounter with Yeon Seok.

The netizen began the post by explaining how much their father liked the Hospital Playlist actor. The person stated that the security guard liked the actor among the celebrities who lived in the apartment. Their father thought the Dr. Romantic actor was a sincere, kind, and healthy person as the characters portrayed by the actor on television.

Yoo Yeon Seok
Yoo Yeon Seok Instagram/Yoo Yeon Seok

The father did not complain about The Interest of Love actor even when the actor did not greet the security guard. He thought the actor could be too busy to notice him and continued cheering the actor. However, the security guard quit his job at the apartment and returned home with a sad face.

Later, the security guard frowned when the Dr. Romantic actor appeared on TV. The netizen said The Interest of Love actor is not a good person as he disrespected their father with his friends. The Hospital Playlist actor was the reason the security guard quit his job.

The Post

The Agency's Response

Yeon Seok's agency Starship Entertainment denied all the allegations against him. The firm released an official statement explaining that it will take legal action against false rumors.

Here is the Official Statement by Starship Entertainment: