Dr. Romantic 3 Spoilers: Producers and Casts Answer Five Big Questions

Dr. Romantic 3 is only three days from its premiere because episode 1 will air on SBS Friday, April 28, at 10 pm KST. The medical drama series will return with a time-jump in the upcoming season. It will focus on the various changes in the Doldam Hospital during the past three years. The upcoming sequel will also revolve around the personal changes in each character.

The producers and the cast of this K-drama series have answered five big questions about the upcoming season ahead of the premiere. They explained the theme of this season, the challenges for each character, the onscreen romance, the personal developments of every character, and the unity of the Doldam family.

Here are the five big questions answered by the producers and the cast of Dr. Romantic 3:


The urgency and intensity of the emergency room were the focus of this Korean medical drama series in the last two seasons. The third season will focus on the unity of the Doldam family. The theme for this sequel is a heartwarming family that faces various challenges while helping sick people. The producers recently shared that this season will revolve around the regional trauma center, a longtime dream of Dr. Kim.

The production team urged the viewers to look forward to the various problems faced by the Doldam family as they tried to save the lives of several people. The medical team will unite to help sick people amidst the chaos in the center.

Dr. Romantic 3
Dr. Romantic 3 poster. Twitter/SBS

The Challenges

The new sequel will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats with thrilling sequences. A newly released teaser focussed on the emotional moments and tension-filled atmosphere in Dr. Romantic 3. It shows doctors risking their lives for their patients. Gunshots, accidents, and building explode kept the Doldam Hospital doctors on their toes. They run around to help as many people as possible and do not give up until the end.

"The world has changed. It has become a place where no matter what happens, it is not unrealistic. These people will die the moment we give up. We have to succeed for this patient to live! No matter how much you waver, I will stay sturdy." the team of doctors says in the teaser. The video ends with a text -- With hopes that his ideals once again become miracles. Dr. Kim says -- "People call it a miracle. I call that a person's will".

Dr. Romantic 3
Dr. Romantic 3 poster Twitter/SBS

Personal Developments

The upcoming sequel of this K-drama will feature the transformation of each character in the series as they choose their paths, Ahn Hyo Seop teased. The actor recently shared his thoughts about the upcoming season and said the viewers could look forward to the growth of Doldam family members in Dr. Romantic 3.

"The characters have transformed after each choosing their paths. I hope you will look forward to seeing their growth as they diligently live their lives in the now while following the paths they have chosen," the cast member shared.

Hyo Seop then spilled details about his character in the mini-series as he returns to screens as genius surgeon Seo Woo Jin in the medical drama. The actor said the way Woo Jin views the world would change. He asked the viewers to have a more mature side of the character. Woo Jin will become solid on the inside, and his perspective on life will broaden.

Returning Casts

The first season of Dr. Romantic cast Yoo Yeon Seok and Seo Hyun Jin as young surgeons. The actors could not reprise their roles in the second season due to pre-scheduled commitments. Yoo Yeon Seok will reportedly reprise his role as genius surgeon Kang Dong Joo through a guest appearance in season 3. But the production team shared that it is difficult to confirm anything now. So, the followers of this medical drama will have to wait for confirmation about the appearance of Yeon Seok in the upcoming sequel.


The followers of this mini-series can look forward to the onscreen romance between Park Eun Tak and Yoon Ah Reum. According to the production team, the romance between these two characters will deepen in the upcoming season. They urged the viewers to show some love for this onscreen couple.

"[The drama will depict how] Park Yoon Tak and Yoon Ah Reum have grown as a nurse practitioner and a specialist in emergency medicine, respectively. Please show lots of interest in their love line in Season 3 and how the two will be doing after three years as a couple," the producers shared.