Hongbin Has Left VIXX, Confirms Jellyfish Ent; Returns to Twitch 5 Months After Drunk Broadcast

Jellyfish Entertainment has confirmed the news that Hongbin has left the team VIXX.Hongbin was away from team's activities following his drunk broadcast in March

Jellyfish Entertainment has announced that Hongbin has quit the team VIXX. The agency made the news official that Hongbin is no more a part of VIXX.

"Hongbin expressed his wish to leave the team (VIXX) on August 7. After discussing the matter with VIXX members and Hongbin the agency decided to respect his opinion of leaving the team," said the statement from Jellyfish Entertainment. The agency also said that VIXX will henceforth carry out its activities as the five-member team.

Jellyfish Entertainment Confirmed that Hongbin left the group VIXX on August 7. Instagram

Hongbin Forced to Stay Away From VIXX Activities

Hongbin had stopped taking part in the team's activities after he was caught in the controversy of slamming members of other Kpop groups in a live stream in a drunken state on March 1. He was criticized for verbally abusing the members of EXO, SHINee, INFINITE, Red Velvet and others during his earlier broadcast.

This resulted in the singer issuing an apology to his fans on his personal broadcast. His agency Jellyfish Entertainment also apologized and announced that Hongbin will not take part in any of the activities of VIXX for time being.

After five months, the singer has now come online and fans even noticed the changes in his fan café. He made a comeback to Twitch on August 6 with a post about his future plans. He wrote in the streaming media that he really wants to go live and play games with everyone while continuing to laugh and smile.

The Twitch Comeback Post

"While I was away from broadcasts, there were a lot of changes. I'm still getting used to these changes. I don't know what other changes are in store, but I hope to create stream contents that can make everyone laugh and chat comfortably, like before," he said in his Twitch comeback post.

He also expressed his fear that he was still trying to be a professional. He promised his fans to do his best to make people enjoy his broadcasts. "I'm sorry for making you wait for so long. See you soon," he added.

Though Hongbin has left the group it is not clear if he will continue with Jellyfish Entertainment as the singer is all set to start his personal broadcasts. A huge number of netizens stated that they cannot imagine VIXX as a five-member team and demanded Hongbin to lead the team again.