Doomsday Asteroid's Impact Noise could Burst Lungs And Rupture Internal Organs, NASA Expert Says

Experts believe that a possible doomsday asteroid in the future could trigger a tsunami that could be as tall as 100 meters

Representative image of asteroid above an ocean Mr Scientific YouTube

Around 66 million years ago, a giant asteroid collided with planet earth and resulted in the extinction of dinosaurs and several other species. Even though such an asteroid impact has never happened since then, NASA, the United States space agency is very much concerned about a possible similar deep space hit in the future.

What Will Happen If Such an Asteroid Impact Happens in the Future?

As space experts foresee a deadly asteroid impact in the future, NASA planetary scientist Dr Duan Durda has revealed the possible implications of such a hit. According to Durda, this asteroid impact could create the loudest sound human beings have ever heard, and it could burst lungs and rupture the internal organs.

"You're now going to have the shockwave – the compressed atmosphere – that can't get out of the way fast enough from this hypervelocity impact. That produces, effectively, a very big bomb blast. It would be the loudest sound you've ever heard, and the concussion from an event like that is going to burst your lungs, rupture your internal organs and you would die pretty much immediately," said Durda, in the documentary 'Doomsday: 10 ways the world will end'.

The narrator of the documentary revealed that the asteroid impact could result in a tsunami that could be as tall as 100 meters, and it will flood cities on the Gulf Coast of the United States.

"In the peninsula of Florida, your highest points are only 100 feet above sea level, a tsunami of that magnitude is going to be pretty devastating. Cities like Miami are going to be absolutely inundated. We know from the geologic evidence, that after the dinosaur-killing impact, tsunamis raced inland, deep enough to uproot forests and drag them back out into the Gulf," added Durda, reports.

Will Humans Survive a Doomsday Asteroid Hit?

A few months back, space expert Lembit Öpik had suggested that humans will not survive if a rogue asteroid hits planet earth in its full fury. Öpik, who is the chairman of Parliament for the space-based micronation of Asgardia revealed that the doomsday asteroid hit will throw dust cloud into the earth's atmosphere, thus stopping photosynthesis on the planet.

According to Öpik, cockroaches, deep-sea creatures and certain other living organisms that feed on dead meat will most probably survive the asteroid hit.

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