Which species will survive if doomsday asteroid hits earth? Billion-dollar query solved

asteroid collision
Asteroid collision NASA

Several space scientists including Dr Iain McDonald and Neil deGrasse Tyson strongly believe that earth will face a doomsday scenario due to an asteroid hit that may happen in the future. As per these experts, devastating events like asteroid hits are not something that is confined to the past and it will happen in the future too. Now, space expert Lembit Öpik has revealed that humans will not survive if a giant space body hit planet earth in its full fury.

Öpik, who is the chairman of Parliament for the space-based micronation of Asgardia made these remarks while exclusively talking to Express.co.uk. As per Öpik, the impact of a dreaded asteroid hit will throw dust cloud into earth's atmosphere and it would be enough and more to stop photosynthesis in the planet. The space expert also added that the possibility of an asteroid impact is 100 percent.

Öpik predicted that humans only cockroaches, deep-sea creatures, and certain other living organisms that feed on dead meat will survive the deep impact from space.

In addition Öpik said, "The earth will be covered with a dust cloud made of material thrown into the atmosphere directly and the dust and soot from the fires that would occur for a couple of years.

"It would be long enough to kill photosynthesis and, in other words, those who weren't incinerated would starve. You'd be alright if you were a cockroach or a deep-sea creature or something very small that can live on the dead meat of others," he further added.

Öpik also talked about the vitality of advancing human techniques to track down near-earth objects that will pose threats to the humankind in the future.

"We have a good register of Earth-crossing objects – they are the one that could hit us, they are the objects that cross our orbital lane. But it's not a complete list and therefore we need to be sure we can see them coming," said Öpik.

As NASA is now busy developing their planetary defense weapon, Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX had claimed that humans are not capable to defend themselves to protect the planet from asteroid hits. The South African billionaire made these shocking remarks on Twitter when one of his followers asked him whether asteroid Apophis will hit the earth in 2029.

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