Donald Trump Wasn't Fed by His Mother, Sharon Stone Tells Prankster Posing as Greta Thunberg [Audio]

Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus had earlier fooled Kamala Harris into believing they are Greta and her father.

They have done it again! After fooling Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, famous prankster duo of Vovan and Lexus have snared a new victim. This time, it is the Hollywood actress Sharon Stone whom the two men fooled into believing that she is talking to well-known teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov have made a name for themselves by making and recording prank calls to celebrities. In their latest antic, they called up the star of Basic Instinct and pretended to be Thunberg and her father Svante. Not only did they manage to pull off the verbal disguise but also got Stone to make some eye-popping comments of her own.

Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone got pranked this time

Conversation Between 'Greta' and Stone

The fake Greta tells the real Sharon that she is having nightmares in which she sees US President Donald Trump. Stone lets it rip on the President of her country and makes some unflattering comments about him.

"We have an out of control President," Stone tells 'Greta.' "He is just a baby who is a very loud baby and he is just crying for food. He is just crying for his mother's milk. He is kind of jealous, I think. Apparently, I don't think his mother fed him. I don't think he got held. I don't think he got nurtured. He is crying out for those things," the famous actress adds in his psycho-analysis of Trump.

She further describes the US President as behaving like a kid who is jealous of other kids getting more attention. "It's like you (Greta) are another kid in the playground who is getting more attention...He just wants to pull your hair."

Here is the audio of 'Greta'-Stone conversation:

It's not only Trump that Stone is critical of. She also goes after former President George W Bush and blames him for causing her troubles at airports.

"During my air travel(s), I have been ripped apart at every security stop. My kids got undressed when they were babies and searched. I could not work in my business during his both terms. It was such harassment and such torment," she recounts.

Impression of Putin

Stone's impression of Russian President Vladimir Putin is also interesting. She thinks he is doing a good job as leader of his country but is also worried that he is capable of doing some nasty things. When 'Svante' asks for her advice as to whether they should accept an invitation to go to Russia, Stone strikes a note of caution.

Stone is both impressed and concerned by Vladimir Putin IANS

"Putin is a very intelligent man. He is very wise. I think he knows how to run his country...You are such a valuable person, Greta. I don't know if you are protected enough to be at a place that is so dangerous right this minute."

Stone then advises the supposed Swedish teenager that she should only meet President Putin in a very public place and on neutral territory as people who fall foul of the Russian head of state "disappear."

Lastly, there is an element of spirituality also in the conversation. The Hollywood star tells the disguised pranksters that she is a follower of Buddhism and wants Greta to "follow the path." Surprisingly, when the fake Svante asks Stone whether she thinks Greta is an avatar of Buddha, the star replies that she thinks the young girl is a 'Bodhisattva' – a soul who is capable of becoming fully enlightened but is still existing in the material world to help others achieve a higher spiritual state.