Trump Retweets 16 Pro-Gun Messages; Will the President Resort to Violence if He Loses November Election?

The current US president has been repeatedly claiming that the postal ballots are very much vulnerable to fraud

The US President Donald Trump today retweeted around 16 pro-gun messages after the alarm over his remarks regarding the handing over of power if he loses the elections in November, as per reports.

Concerns have been rising after Trump refused to have a peaceful transfer of power after the elections as he said, "We'll have to see." The US president has been questioning the legitimacy for the upcoming poll for some time, falsely claiming that the increase in the postal ballots after the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak has left it vulnerable to fraud. On Wednesday when the president was urged to commit a peaceful transfer of power as one of the reporters said, "People are rioting."

Trump and US Elections

Donald Trump
U.S. President Donald Trump Wikimedia Commons

"We'll have to see...If we get rid of the ballots, there'll be no transfer of power. There'll be a continuation," Trump replied. He retweeted a series of 16 tweets about guns, mostly from the pro-gun lobbyists the National Rifle Association (NRA). One of the tweets read, "NRA members fight harder than any other group to protect the Constitution against politicians like (Joe) Biden, (Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala) Harris, (House Majority leader Nancy) Pelosi and (Senate Minority leader Chuck) Schumer. They want to rip up our Constitution and destroy our 2nd Amendment."

After Trump's comments, Republican Representative Thomas Massie tweeted, "In the spring, stores sold out of hand sanitizer and toilet paper. This fall, they sold out of ammo," as reported by the Mirror. A huge number of Americans are expected to cast their votes by mail this year for avoiding the coronavirus pandemic. The Democrats are hoping that the mail-in ballots will help and motivate many people who oppose Trump.

But there are growing fears that the current US president can try to claim victory on election night ahead of all the votes being counted. In 2016, he raised questions about whether he would accept the results but he went on to win. However, Trump's latest remarks are quite alarming. There are concerns that the current president might resort to violence if he losses elections.

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