Alien in New York Streets? Conspiracy Theorist Claims Presence with Proof (VIDEO)

Noted UFO hunter Scott Waring claims to have made the bizarre discovery using Google Earth

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Aliens from deep space are already living among us, and they believe that the US government is well aware of their existence, according to conspiracy theorists. Adding to the heat of these outlandish theories, prominent UFO hunter Scott C Waring has now claimed to have spotted an alien in New York.

Discovery Using Google Earth

In a recent post on his website, Waring claimed that he made the discovery using Google Earth. He also shared the coordinates in which he found the alleged alien face in New York. The conspiracy theorist argued that he located the alien under a bridge in Taughannock Boulevard, Ithaca.

"Imagine walking down the sidewalk at night in New York state staring at the river, then turning to the right and seeing the ominous alien face staring back at you. Well the face is situated below a bridge and is way back in the far end making it difficult to see anything but a face. Now at first I thought it was graffiti art, but I didn't see a lot of such art around, but there are some nearby. I also didn't see a wall it was on...because it looks like there is a hollow cavity area where its at. So I do believe this is a real alien watching passerby. Aliens in New York...we knew that already," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Is Pareidolia Misleading Waring?

The discovery made by Waring has already gone viral after he shared a video on YouTube, describing the finding. Most viewers claim aliens are monitoring pedestrians in New York.

"How curious, homeless alien living under a bridge ... How do you do it Scott ?, always making videos that nobody is capable of emulating, you will always be the best," commented JJ RA, a YouTube user.

"The right eye has a sheen. Could be reflecting light? Great capture, and quite the needle in the haystack," commented another user, Melissa Smidt.

Even though the discovery made by Waring has convinced his followers and conspiracy theorists, skeptics call it a classic case of pareidolia. Pareidolia is a peculiar capability of the human brain to see familiar images on unknown patterns, and the phenomenon is allegedly misleading the Taiwanese researcher.

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