Donald Trump Jr's Coke Jaw, Slurred Speech in Video From 'Motel 6' Reignites Cocaine Rumors

The video showed Donald Trump Jr. making strange mouth movements and slurring, which netizens believe was a sign of cocaine abuse.

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A video of a seemingly intoxicated Donald Trump Jr. talking about Joe Biden's ties to China has reignited rumors about his cocaine usage on Twitter.

Trump Jr. posted a video of himself talking about President-elect Biden's son, Hunter Biden's alleged ties to the Chinese government and the Justice Department's investigation into his tax affair. However, his animated behavior and slurred speech have led many to believe that he may have been "high" on cocaine while filming the video.

Donald Trump Jr
Stills from the video that is being circulated on social media. Twitter

"Every major media outlet spent weeks and months trying to pretend that the Biden's weren't tied to China, that there was no link there, there was nothing shady at all about Hunter getting a billion dollar investment from the Chinese government," Trump Jr. can be heard saying in the video.

"I mean, this isn't like he's dealing with a Chinese businessman that happens to be an American, or an expat or something like that, but from the actual Chinese government," he adds while making strange movements and constantly licking his lips.

"It was as though it was a conspiracy theory, it was as though it was a hoax and now we see that I guess the US marshalls and people in Delaware are investigating Hunter Biden for tax fraud and I imagine it's amongst other things," he says before the video runs out. Watch the clip below:

Signs of Cocaine Abuse, Claim Twitter Users

The video has now gone viral on Twitter with more than 630,000 views and thousands of comments from users who believe Trump Jr. was "wasted" and appeared to be in a cheap motel, causing "Motel 6" to become a trending topic on Twitter.

According to users, Trump Jr's strange jaw movements and slurred speech can be attributed to what they call "coke jaw," which Urban Dictionary defines as a "common symptom of a cocaine-abuser." A coke jaw has been described as the inability of a cocaine abuser to stop moving their jaw, grinding their teeth, or moving their jaw in a strange manner.

Here are some of the reactions:

Trump Jr's Cocaine Usage Rumors

This is not the first time Trump Jr's cocaine usage has been the subject of speculation on social media. In October, during a television interview, he was seen repeatedly clenching his jaw, licking his lips and grinding his teeth, which viewers believed was a tell-tale sign of cocaine abuse.

While delivering his Republican National Convention speech in August, the younger Trump's sweaty forehead and glassy eyes did not go unnoticed by social media users who were quick to assume that he was high on cocaine. Trump Jr later blamed it on the lighting.