Do You Know How Much BTS Was Paid For McDonalds 'BTS Meal' Promotion?

BTS is reported to have received a whopping amount of around $9 Million from their brand promotions with McDonald's BTS Meal.

BTS is currently the top KPop by band in South Korea attracting the highest numbers of brand endorsements too. Do you know how much BTS members get paid with their recent collaboration with McDonalds? Here is the deal with BTS Meals brand promotions.

The Korea Times reported that BTS will receive a whopping $ 8.98 million [10 billion Won] for the group's participation in the promotion of 'BTS Meal'. An industry source is said to have revealed that BTS has received between $2.69M [3 billion Won] and $4.48 million [5 billion Won] for domestic endorsements of McDonalds.

BTS Meal
Seven members of KPop band BTS posing with McDonald's special BTS Meal. Instagram

BTS x McDonald's Merch

According to Koreaboo, as soon as BTS Meal went live, HYBE MERCH's "BTS x McDonald's" collection went on sale too, offering everything from $12 USD socks to $110 USD robes along with limited edition photocards. BTS is said to be earning tens of millions of dollars from McDonald's BTS Meals alone.

McDonalds decided to strike a deal with BTS because the international food brand wanted to tap into BTS's "incredibly passionate and loyal fanbase". With BTS' nomination for Grammy Awards, winning four awards at Billboard Music Awards and three awards at iHeart Radio Tunes have increased the brand value of BTS in the international market. BTS truly has become a global brand in itself.

According to The Korea Times, BTS earns $2.69 million [3 billion Won] to $4.49 million [5 billion Won] for promotion of every Korean brand they represent. BTS is the king of endorsements. Variety had estimated BTS' net worth to be around $450 million. In 2019, BTS had made to Forbes list of 100 highest-paid celebrities. BTS was in No 43 spot and had also earned $57 million pre-tax income.

Global Brand

Reports also claim that prior to COVID-19 restrictions were put in place and domestic, international travelling was banned, BTS was said to be worth $3.6 billion to South Korea's economy. It was said that Business Insider had estimated that 800,000 people visited South Korea because of BTS.

BTS has been endorsing various international brands over the years including PUMA, FILA, Louis Vuitton and Coway. BTS has also endorsed major brands like SK Telecom, LOTTE's Kloud beer, Xylitol gum. Last year Baskin Robbins signed up BTS for the promotion of their ice cream in Korea and designed a special BTS 7 and Bora Bora cakes.

BTS is not only making money but also is making the common man happy with BTS meals available in 50 countries. In fact, reports stated that American rapper Travis Scott had earned a whopping $20 million USD from his 'Famous Meals' promotion with McDonald's. It is said that he got paid around $5 million from the traditional endorsement and $15 million from merchandise sales.

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