After Criticism for BTS7 Cake, Baskin Robbins Introduces Bora Bora Cake; BTS ARMY Is Loving It

The limited-edition Bora Bora Cake from Baskin Robbins is a two-layered 1412 ml cake that comprises of eight flavors

Baskin Robbins Korea has come up with a new multi-flavored and colored cake called Bora Bora, featuring the popular K-pop group BTS again. However, this time, the new cake has been accepted by the BTS ARMY.

The international ice cream maker's previous surprise, the BTS7 cake, where seven pieces represented the seven members of the K-pop band had received heavy criticism. The cake was criticized for being sold at an exorbitant price despite having simple flavors, especially disappointing the fans of BTS who are called the ARMY.

As the cake was mainly made to attract the fans of BTS, Baskin Robbins made sure that they gave the fans what they wanted. It looks like they have succeeded with their latest offering.

How is Bora Bora Different From BTS 7 Cake?

Baskin Robbins Bora Bora Cake
Baskin Robbins Korea has introduced Bora Bora Cake featuring BTS members. Twitter

Let us see how the Bora Bora cake is different from the BTS7 cake. The Bora Bora cake is a feast not only for the eyes but is also teeming with flavors and is available at a discounted price. The cake is available at a bigger size than BTS 7 cake. Bora Bora is also a limited edition cake just like BTS7. The tagline of the campaign is 'Bora Bora Cake made with BTS'.

The BTS7 cake, which was designed in the shape of the numeral seven, was priced at $22 for 713 ml size. However, the Bora Bora cake is available in 1412 ml size and is packed with eight flavors including NY Cheesecake, Rainbow Sherbet, Shooting Star, Mint Chocolate Chip, Very Berry Strawberry, Cotton Candy in Wonderland, Mom's Alien and Bora Bora. The cake is being sold for the same price as BTS7 cake.

Unboxing of Bora Bora Cake

The Bora Bora cake is placed inside a Styrofoam case and is sold in a pink box with BTS printed on the cover. The cake comes with spoon and cake candles packed in a pink packet. It is a two-layered cake placed on a pizza like ice cream base.

After the BTS7 cake received flak from BTS fans, Baskin Robbins had issued a statement and explained the reason behind its pricing. "The BTS 7 Cake is a new product that features seven different ice cream blocks that were put together by hand. The manufacturing cost is higher than the regular products and it will be a limited product with only about 30,000 for sale," Baskin Robbins stated. The cake was made available for pickup service from June 26.

Despite the explanation, the cake did not appeal to the fans. However, it is not just the ARMY that is enjoying the new offering, but also ice cream lovers across Seoul in Korea are raving about the cake.

The BTS7 Cake:

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