Do aliens live among us? Bizarre UFO spotted in the midst of thunderstorm in Texas

ufo lightning
YouTube: Casandra Danielle

A Texas lady by the name 'Casandra Danielle' on YouTube recently shared the video of a bizarre UFO spotted in the midst of a thunderstorm in Los Fresnos, Texas. The video shows a UFO taking off after a lightning hit the area.

"I've had this video I recorded for a while now. I was cleaning out my gallery and decided to watch it. While watching it I kept seeing a black spec of some sort. I was curious about what it was so I slowed down the video and caught something strange and out of place! Could it be! A UFO sighting?," wrote Casandra on her uploaded video's description.

The video was later shared by conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'UFO Institute' where it has already received hundreds of views.

After watching the video on the conspiracy theory channel's YouTube website, Ludi Torres, another resident of Texas also claimed to have witnessed a similar sight the same day.

"I believe you. We were outside about 40 mins ago and we saw something. We called our son out so could see what we were seeing and in a matter of seconds, it was gone. I was curious to see if anybody else has seen this and I found your video. People won't believe unless they see it themselves!!," commented Ludi Torres.

Another YouTuber by the name 'UFO Truth Seeker' lauded Casandra Danielle and stated that this is one of the most legit UFO videos ever.

"Holy crap! How did anyone even see that! Awesome video! You have the most legit real deal videos...ever," commented UFO Truth Seeker.

This is not the first time that unidentified flying objects are being spotted in the midst of lightning and thunderstorms. A week back, conspiracy theory channel 'Secureteam10' had uploaded an eerie video which showed a triangle-shaped UFO flying in the path of a lightning bolt.

As UFO sightings are increasingly reported during thunderstorms and lightning, conspiracy theorists put forward the argument that aliens have advanced technology to harvest energy from these powerful natural sources.

This article was first published on May 11, 2018