DNA Test on Poop Smeared in Capitol Hallways? Theory Surfaces as Search For Rioters Begins

President Donald Trump's 'special' supporters who invaded and ransacked the US Capitol defecated and smeared their poop in the halls of the historic building during the siege. The footprints smeared with feces were found throughout the building by staffers of Senator Chuck Schumer.

Thousands of rioters stormed the Capitol and forcibly entered the building after Vice President Mike Pence told the lawmakers that he will not block the congressional certification of Joe Biden's victory. Quashing hopes of Trump and his supporters Pence, at the beginning of the joint session, had said that he did not believe he has the "unilateral authority to decide which electoral votes should be counted."

Capitol attack
Rioters inside the Capitol building during the seize on Wednesday. Twitter

Rioters Tracked Their Excrement in Halls

Speaking to New York Daily News, a source said that the disgusting discovery was made by the staff members of Senator Chuck Schumer on Thursday, a day after the siege by MAGA rioters.

It was believed that the attackers defecated in one of the bathrooms in the building following the security breach. Later, they moved their excrement in multiple hallways in the building as brown footprints found in parts of the Capitol hallways indicated. "It looked like they tracked it around. Schumer is dealing with proverbial s--t — not this kind," the source told the outlet.

Besides lining the historic building with excrement, the rioters also vandalized and caused massive damage to the federal property. The images that emerged on social media post the attack shows extensive damage including shattered glass, windows, doors, graffiti-covered statues and walls, and teargas stains throughout the halls in the building.

Social Media Expresses Anguish Over Rioters 'Poop Act'

Shocked over the extent of damaged unleashed by the rioters including their act of pooping and smearing the hallways, social media users expressed their anger on micro-blogging site.

"It's clear. The terrorists who attacked the Capitol planned to do more than steal mail and smear excrement. They wanted hostages. They wanted to kill. So yes Trump must be removed. Yes everyone involved must be prosecuted. Yes Cruz, Hawley, McCarthy, Gaetz, etc must resign," tweeted a user.

A lot of users even hinted at the possibility of identifying the miscreants by using the DNA find in the feces. "I wonder if the MAGAts who left their poop in the Capitol know that's DNA evidence? Can't wait for the first to claim in court that Antifa stole their poop and planted it as evidence," tweeted a user.

"I really hope the FBI runs DNA tests on the poop smeared on the walls in the Capitol. Should be easy to find the terrorists responsible. Perhaps they raided Trump's dirty diaper basket to stock up," read another tweet.