Disturbing Video Shows Capitol Cop Being Crushed by Trump Supporters as He Screams for Help

The protesters can be seen snatching the officer's protective equipment with the cop crying out "Help" as blood drips from his mouth and nose.

A shocking video has emerged from the DC riots on Wednesday night that shows an on duty police officer screaming for help as he is crushed by angry Trump protesters inside the Capitol building. The cop, who can be seen with a bloody face and struggling to breathe, was among the several police officers who drew the ire of the protesters.

The young officer, who appears to be a member of the Capitol Police Department, is pinned between a riot shield and metal door as can be seen in the video. Authorities haven't yet revealed the name of the officer. The video which was taken by an independent journalist has since gone viral.

In the Line of Duty

The shocking video shows the young officer struggling with protesters inside the Capitol building as he is pinned between his riot shield and a metal door. The protesters can be seen snatching his protective equipment with the cop crying out "Help" as blood drips from his mouth and nose.

The atmosphere in the entryway is that of total chaos, with hundreds of people screaming and shoving while documenting the melee on their phones. The video shows police spraying pepper spray but the rioters get too aggressive and snatch a police riot shield. They can be seen using batons to smack the line of riot gear-clad officers as they struggle to push back the protesters who barge into the Capitol building.

Cop Being Crushed
Rioters Crush Capitol Officer Twitter

The mob then decides to push back against the officer's riot shield as they scream "Heave ho!" The video ends with the officer helplessly shouting and then slowly collapsing.

Act of Bravery

Although the officer hasn't been identified, sympathy has been pouring in on social media for the brave act put up by the young officer. According to reports, the riot shields and other protective equipment given to the officers became the weapons for the rioters who snatched them from the cops as they entered the Capitol.

Rioters Crush Capitol Officer
The cop bleeding from his mouth Twitter

The besiegers, many of them sporting hats and flags emblazoned with Trump's name and his signature campaign slogan, Make America Great Again,' used the officers' own shields to push their way through the line of defense. One of the invaders can be heard telling the officers that they need to arrest the "traitors," and adds, "We don't wanna hurt you guys."

Authorities are still investigating the entire incident and the officer's name will be released later. At least five people died in the massive protest, including a Capitol Police officer who reportedly was struck by a fire extinguisher and died a day later.