A new video, shot by one of the witnesses of the moment Trump protester Ashli Babbit was shot dead, has been uploaded on YouTube. The video shows the horrifying moment Babbit is shot through one of the broken windows frames in the Capitol on Wednesday night after which she collapses on the ground.

Babbit, who was a 14-year Air Force veteran, was shot in the chest after chaos broke out when dozens of Trump supporters stormed into the Capitol breaching security parameters. She died hours later. The video of the incident has since gone viral.

Final Moments


The minute-long clip was shot and posted on YouTube by John Sullivan which shows police with guns trying to revive Babbit as she lay in a pool of blood in a stairway inside the Capitol. Describing the moments leading up to the shooting, Sullivan said protesters were trying to get into the main entrance of the chamber when they came upon two guards who refused to move.

The video begins with four armed officers rushing up a Capitol stairway. The cops are then seen near a doorway where a group of protesters wearing red MAGA hats and waving American flags are trying to break through a barricaded door.

Ashli Babbit
Ashli Babbit Twitter

Seconds later a woman, Babbit, can be seen trying to push through the crowd. Babbit, who has a flag-motif backpack, is then helped by a few men to climb a window frame. Babbit then climbs on to the window frame, the glass of which is partly broken, and is seen standing there.

The dramatic moment arrives next. Amid the chaos and shouting, a gunshot can be heard and Babbit falls backward into the crowd, apparently shot through the window from the other side. Eyewitnesses said that there were at least four armed police officers and one of them possibly shot Babbit in the chest.

Failed Effort to Revive

Babbit immediately collapses on the ground but she can't be seen in the video for the next few seconds. Sullaivan who was shooting the video then pans it to another man in a suit, tie and ID lanyard, who desperately tries to divert the attention of the officers present there by pointing at the bleeding Babbit.

Ashli Babbit
Police try to revive Ashli Babbit after she is hit with a gunshot YouTube Grab

Officers then take notice of Babbit, with a couple of them trying to help her. One of the officers can be seen trying to revive Babbit. The video ends there. Babbit was rushed to hospital where she later died.

Sullaivan who shot the video, describing the moments leading up to the shooting, said protesters were trying to get into the main entrance of the chamber when they came upon two guards who refused to move. Sullivan is the founder of the left-wing activist group Insurgence USA. He said he was not at the Capitol as part of the protest but did not specify what exactly brought him there.

He had also warned Babbit along with several other protesters to go inside the Capitol after he saw officers pointing guns at them. However, she ignored Sullivan's plea and went ahead.

"I just remember, like, the sense of shock and sorrow that somebody just died and did not need to die because she didn't have a weapon and she was not violent," Sullivan said. An investigation has been launched but authorities are yet to say anything about who shot Babbit and if it was an officer or a security guard of the Capitol.

Babbit, an ardent Trump supporter, had come all the way from California to Washington D.C. to join the protests but unfortunately ended up dying.