Celebrities, AWARE Extend Support to Victims Who Spoke Up Against YouTuber Dee Kosh

Singaporean DJ-YouTuber Dee Kosh has apologized for his inappropriate chat with a 15-year-old boy.

Popular Singaporean DJ-YouTuber Dee Kosh, who has been accused of soliciting nude pictures and asking sexual favors from minors in exchange for money, is now under the radar of AWARE. The Association of Women for Action and Research has extended support to those who have dared to speak up against the famous YouTuber. Several celebrities have also waded into the discussion surrounding the sexual harassment allegations against the influencer, whose real name is Darryl Ian Koshy.

The 32-year old DJ-YouTuber, who has more than 380,000 followers on his official YouTube channel, faced accusations of sexual harassment over the weekend after a social media user and other netizens opened up about being harassed by Dee Kosh on the pretext of job offers at his channel.

Dee Kosh's case has prompted discussions on sexual abuse of minors. According to law, having sex with someone below 16 years old even if he or she consents, is an offence. Moreover, screenshots of chats with at least five alleged victims have surfaced online after which the YouTuber tendered his apology on Monday for his questionable chat with a 15-year-old boy. AWARE, in a Facebook post, said that it is categorically wrong to engage a minor in sexual conversation.

Dee Kosh
Dee Kosh is a popular DJ and YouTuber of Singapore. Instagram

Earlier, refuting all allegations against him, Dee Kosh had sent a cease-and-desist letter to a netizen who accused him of sexual harassment of minors on social media. Instead of reacting to the allegations online, the Singaporean DJ chose to slap a legal warning to the initial accuser.

The official cease-and-desist letter was sent by law firm DD Law LLC on behalf of Dee Kosh and it stated: "Letter of Demand - Harassing, Defamatory, And/Or Untrue content About Mr Darryl Ian Koshy." According to the letter, an Instagram user with the handle @_epaul had sent content defaming Dee Kosh, who is a public figure and known to the world at large. The letter further quoted the accuser, "@deekosh sexually harassed me under the guise of recruiting me for his channel and tried to cover his dirty tracks, not really well done though."

Dee Kosh
Dee Kosh's cease and desist letter to accuser

Meanwhile, four other people have also claimed that Dee Kosh had harassed them. Twitter users have criticized the YouTuber for his actions and have asked people not to subscribe to his YouTube channel demanding it be shut down.