Dismembered Human Penis Found in Parking Lot of Alabama Gas Station; Police Believe It's Linked to Motorist Who Died in Accident

According to Mobile Police Department, the strange and shocking discovery was not being looked at as a murder or an assault.

A human penis has been found in the parking lot of a gas station in Alabama. The penis is believed to be linked to a motorcyclist who was killed in a deadly crash after being 'struck by multiple vehicles.' According to the Lagniappe, customers who happened to wander into the petrol station on Interstate 10 in Mobile were horrified to see the rogue appendage.

According to Mobile Police Department, the strange and shocking discovery was not being looked at as a murder or an assault but could be related to the tragic incidents that resulted in Christopher Means, 29, losing his life.

Strange Discovery

Gas station
The Gas station where the dismembered human penis was discovered Twitter

Means was pronounced dead at the scene after losing control of his motorcycle and being hit by multiple vehicles with just "one driver" remaining at the scene, DailyMail.com reported. According to the MPD, police were called to a motorbike crash on Monday morning at 6 am. along eastbound I-10 between I-65 and Dauphin Island Parkway.

Means, one of the drivers involved in the crash, was found dead by police at the scene of the collision.

"The preliminary investigation revealed that the victim was riding his motorcycle Southbound on the I-65 ramp to Eastbound I-10 when he lost control of the motorcycle," according to a police statement.

"The rider was thrown from his motorcycle and struck by multiple vehicles."

The I-10 eastbound lanes were shut down for several hours after four different car accidents on Monday. According to MPD, they are looking for the cars that unintentionally ran over Means' body and continued driving.

Confusion and Shock on Social Media

crime scene
A crime scene (For representational purposes onlu). Pixabay

Horrified people turned to social media in the wake of the accident. One user claimed to be the deceased man's coworker, the outlet reported. "In possibly one of the craziest most f***ed up things I've ever heard, a severed penis was found at a gas station in my town yesterday.

"It belonged to the victim of a horrific motorcycle accident who also happened to work where I work.

"The dude was literally torn to pieces on the interstate during the accident and his penis fell off the front end of a truck when the truck got off the interstate. What the f***."

"My mouth was literally hanging open the entire time," wrote another user.

"I can't believe multiple people hit him but only one person stopped. Holy s***."

According to Daphne Police, a 42-year-old Louisiana man was killed less than two weeks ago after being struck while strolling along Interstate 10 in Daphne, Alabama. Investigations into the incident are ongoing, and it is yet unknown what caused the rider to lose control.