NFL Superstar Antonio Brown Posts Explicit Photo of Getting Oral Sex; Gets Banned From Snapchat After Backlash

NFL superstar Antonio Brown was removed from Snapchat after he posted an explicit picture of his former partner, Chelsie Kyriss, performing oral sex on him. Before being removed from the platform, the picture was widely shared on other social media platforms.

Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown Screen grab - Instagram/Antonio Brown

Couple Parted Ways After Brown Sent Explicit Videos To Their Son

TMZ reported that the couple parted their ways following a domestic violence incident in November, last year. Kyriss had also accused the Super Bowl champ of sending explicit videos to their son following the incident.

The picture shows Kyriss performing oral sex on the former Pittsburgh Steeler. Though it is unclear when the picture was taken, it is believed to be not recent. After the public outcry, Snapchat removed Brown's account.

Responding to her explicit picture being circulated on social media platforms, Kyriss posted a statement criticising Brown's Snapchat story and claiming that the app kept allowing him to post crude content.

"Very well aware of what's being posted on snap. I am not in control of his action," Kyriss wrote on her Instagram story. "I have asked multiple times to have this part of our relationship to remain private but he refuses. I have reported his page and all pictures unfortunately Snapchat is allowing his to repost. I am very sorry for any of your kids that follow him and used to look at him as a role model. I do not condone these actions as you are aware I have kids in involved as well."

Social Media Reacts

Antonio Brown was trending on the social media platforms with many users ridiculing him for sharing the private and explicit content on the social media.

Earlier, Brown had posted a snap of Tom Brady's ex, Gisele Bündchen, in which her face was photoshopped onto a nude body.

"So I went to Snapchat....I just can't help but wonder what the hell is Antonio Brown training for?" Tweeted a user.

"The f**k is wrong with @AB84 he has gotten so weird lately. I see what people are saying about his snapchat and just make more weird," read another tweet.

"@Snapchat you didn't take down the Antonio Brown video/suspend his account until the backlash started. Yall shoulda shut it down immediately. The woman in the video said she asked you repeatedly to take it down but you didn't. His kids didn't deserve this #DoBetter," expressed a user.