'Disappearing Needles' Being Used to Insert Microchips In COVID-19 Vaccine; Here is the Truth

A viral claim stating that needles in the syringes being used to give COVID-19 vaccine are disappearing after injecting the patients is found to be fake. The latest conspiracy surrounding the coronavirus vaccine, fueled by the anti-vaxxers, has included syringes being used to inject microchips in the body of those taking it.

Ever since talk of developing a vaccine for the pandemic started, anti-vaxxers have fueled one conspiracy theory after the other about the vaccine and its possible side effects. From stating that the vaccine comes with a tracing chip, and sterilizes women, the anti-vaxxers have spread a lot of viral claim that have been found of no merit.

disappearing needles
'Disappearing Needles' is the latest conspiracy theory marring the COVID-19 vaccines Twitter

Are Needles Really Disappearing After being Used?

The recent spate of hoax claims started after a video showed a retractable needle being used to administer vaccine to a patient. The viral video has been shared and viewed over thousands of times on various social media platforms.

According to the Vice the claim went viral on the microblogging site after one of the users posted a video clip taken from a BBC report posted on Wednesday. The video shows a masked health care worker administering a vaccine into the arm of a patient with a needled syringe. As she pulls out the syringe the needle is not visible, sparking the theory of disappearing needles.

The anti-vaxxers used the opportunity to start a propaganda against the vaccine calling the vaccination program a plan by the elites to trick the ordinary people so as to control them. However, the truth behind the 'disappearing needle' was the retractable syringes. The nurses in the said video was using retractable syringes, which see the needlepoint retracting into the body of the syringe once the medicine has been administered, a safety mechanism to prevent unwanted jabs, reported the outlet.

Speaking to AP , Dr. Craig Spencer, director of Global Health in Emergency Medicine at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, who received the vaccine on Wednesday, said that safety syringes have no impact on the amount of vaccine someone gets and are no different from receiving the vaccine through a traditional needle. "What you saw in those videos are retractable needles," he told the outlet.

Social Media Abuzz With Conspiracy Theories

Despite the theory surrounding disappearing needles completely fake, it gained a lot of traction on the social media.

"Have a look guys, disappearing needle on exit. This is how stupid they think you are," wrote a Twitter user while sharing the video.

"Another video showing you it was all a scam, it was never about the virus," wrote another.

"Disappearing Needles now FFS!!!! Wake up people!!! #SCAMDEMIC2020," wrote another. "So far from the vaccine I've seen people get severe allergic reactions, fainting, disappearing needles, and injections with nothing in the syringe. Seems totally safe and legit right? #WhatsGoingOn @realDonaldTrump," wrote another.

"The Scamdemic continues. Disappearing Needles, Disappearing Virus, FAUCI needs to DISAPPEAR with GATES," tweeted a user.