Dinosaurs in Love: Tragic love song written and sung by a 3-year-old goes viral on social media

Fenn's song talks about the unfinished love story of two dinosaurs as the video has crossed over 1.8 million views on Twitter alone

While the toddlers of her age are busy learning new words, three-year-old Fenn has become an internet sensation overnight after her song 'Dinosaurs in Love' went viral. The song was written and sung by Fenn herself.

The 60-second ballad brings out the unfinished love story of the two Dinos who are enjoying themselves at a party eating fruit and cucumber when the apocalyptic event takes place and wipes out their entire race. The lovers did not even get a chance to say their final goodbyes.

The lyrics of the song goes: 'Dinosaurs eating people. Dinosaurs in love / Dinosaurs having a party. They eat fruit and cucumber / They fell in love. They say 'thank you'/ A big bang came and they died / Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, fell in love / But they didn't say goodbye / But they didn't say goodbye.'

Dinosaurs in Love was created in the home studio

Fenn Instagram grab

The tragic love story stole the internet's heart as netizens shared the viral song. The song was shared by Fenn's 33-year-old-father Tom Rosenthal, a singer/songwriter based in London, on his social media pages.

He posted the song, accompanied with lyrics on his Instagram and Twitter page with a caption: "Fenn, my nearly 4-year-old daughter, recorded her first-ever solo song today. She came up with all the words herself and I helped her a little bit with the tune. It's called 'Dinosaurs in Love'. The tweet has already been viewed 1.8 million times."

Speaking to Mashable how the song originated, Rosenthal said: "I and my daughter occasionally mess around in my home studio, and it was during one of those sessions that "Dinosaurs in Love" was born. Typically I ask her what she wants to do a song about and this time it was dinosaurs!"

Fenn was quite critical of her first attempt

Expressing surprise at the viral song, Rosenthal said: "It was certainly a surprise that it went viral. You never expect these things. Feels lovely to make a few people's day a little better!"

Revealing that after the first rendition of the song, Fenn had some points, the proud father said: "Comically she was actually quite critical of the middle section when she was talking rather than singing. But then she made me play it to her about five times. She can barely count past 17 so she won't have a clue what half a million means. I'll explain to her when she's older."

Fenn's song gets response from big-wigs

As soon as the song went viral, responses started pouring in for the new star in the making. Natural History Museum of London posted the video on their page and wrote: "We're not crying you're crying."

British comedian David Baddie tweeted: "I believe this is geo-historically completely accurate." Spotify's music cataloguers questioned: "Has Fenn decided on an official release date yet?"

According to Rosenthal, his two daughters are known for dreaming-up ditties on the spot. Speaking about why Fenn chose Dinosaurs in particular for her first song, Rosenthal told BuzzFeed News: "I genuinely couldn't tell you why she wanted to do a song about dinosaurs. She's got no particular affiliation with dinosaurs at all. They're not something she particularly cares about or not, this is just what was in her head at the time."

"She's by the microphone, she's got the headphones on, she starts singing and she does as much as she can. And then, eventually, after she's done enough little bits of it, it kind of all fits together," he added.