Did Single's Inferno Contestants Lee Jin Seok and Ahn Min Young Become a Couple? Here is the Truth

Single's Inferno 3 aired its last episode on Netflix on Tuesday (January 9). The chapter revealed the names of four successful pairs of this season. Lee Jin Seok and Ahn Min Young were the first couple to walk out of the Island happily. Their fans are now curious to know if they officially become a couple. Contestant Jin Seok recently opened up about his relationship with Min Young. He said they are busy with their business schedules and have not become a couple yet.

Lee Jin Seok and Ahn Min Young were among the most talked about couples in the third season of Single's Inferno. Their on-and-off romance kept the viewers on the edge of their seats. At first, Min Young was unsure about her feelings for Jin Seok. After Min Ji joined the reality dating show, Jin Seok struggled to conclude. Although he wandered a bit, the contestant said it did not take long for him to express his affection to Min Young.

However, the two contestants have not become an official couple yet. Jin Seok said they are currently busy because of their tight schedules. Still, they maintain positive feelings towards one another and occasionally meet at gatherings. Jin Seok revealed he focuses on one person if he is interested. The show featured this particular trait of him.

Lee Jin Seok
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The contestant compared his experience at Single's Inferno as an unforgettable memory from his youth. The highlight of the show was the close friendship between the contestants and their unity. He expressed his desire to grab several opportunities in the entertainment industry, including modeling. His cafe has been relocated to Seoul with the opening of a second shop. He is planning to balance his career and dreams in the future.

The other three couples of Single's Inferno 3 were Park Min Kyu and Kim Gyu Ri, Choi Min Woo and Yu Si Eun, and Lee Gwan Hee and Choi Hye Seon. This season of the dating reality show is known to be the most popular sequels of this program. The followers of this show still follow the social media accounts of the contestants to get updates on their dating lives.