Did 'The Simpsons' Predict Donald Trump's 2024 Presidential Run? Show's Creator Shares Clip from 2015 Episode

The clip comes from the "Bart to the Future" episode, in which President Lisa Simpson is shown discussing Trump's leadership, according to NME.

Did the "Simpsons" predict Donald Trump's 2024 run for the US presidency? It seems like "The Simpsons" once again predicted the future. "Simpsons" producer Al Jean pointed out on Wednesday that the show "predicted the future" again, having correctly guessed that Trump would run for President in 2024.

Following Trump's eagerly awaited announcement that he would run for President in 2024, Jean, the creator of "The Simpsons" posted a clip from a 2015 episode featuring Homer Simpson and a presidential campaign sign stating "Trump 2024." Former President Trump confirmed on Tuesday that he would be running for office for a third time.

Predicting The Future Again

The clip comes from the "Bart to the Future" episode, in which President Lisa Simpson is shown discussing Trump's leadership, according to NME. Jean shared the still on Twitter, along with the caption: "@TheSimpsons As predicted in 2015."

"As you know, we've inherited quite a budget cut from President Trump," says President Simpson in the snippet Jean wrote on Twitter.

Trump 2024
The clip tweeted by Al Jene following Trump's announcement that he would run for the president of US in 2024 Twitter

After months of speculation about whether or not he will run for president a third time, Trump officially launched his campaign on Tuesday. "In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States," he said.

Vowing to defeat President Joe Biden in 2024, he added: "America's golden age is just ahead."

Trump 2024
Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that he would be running for the office of the President for a third time in 2024. Twitter

Trump, wearing a red tie, walked into a packed room at his resort in Palm Beach, Florida, with 'God Bless the USA' playing in the background. The crowd chanted 'USA!' as he went up to a podium with signage reading, 'Trump: Make America Great Again! 2024.'

Simpsons Did it Again

It is merely the most recent of many "predictions" made by The Simpsons. Some have countered that Trump running for president in 2024 wasn't the most difficult prediction to make.

"Most of the other things like Trump being President or Brazil winning the world cup are educated guesses," Jean had earlier told the Metro.co.uk.

"Trump was considering being President back in the 90s. We wanted Germany to win because we went to Brazil to lose and Germany was the next best bet for the World Cup. So, a lot of the things that we predicted are just, unfortunately, things you could see coming."

However, there were some eerie coincidences too. "There was one, I didn't work on this, but it was just too eerie for words. In the 90s, we did an episode about the World Trade Centre. There was a handbook held up that said, "New York on $9 a day". Then it had the two Towers, so it looked like a 9/11.

Donald Trump

"That was completely coincidental, that was bizarre. I don't know, I can't explain that."

The show supposedly also predicted the Capitol riot in 2019 as well as Ted Cruz's unfortunate trip to Cancun while Texans endured the bitter cold.

Of the many predictions "The Simpsons" correctly made over the years include Donald Trump's presidency, claims of voter fraud that have shaken politics, Brazil beating Germany in the World Cup, the horse meat scandal, and even the Covid-19 pandemic, leading those watching on from home to question exactly what they could predict next.