Did Lil Nas X Threaten to Rape Kaitlin Bennett's Dad? Here is The Truth

Kaitlin Bennett, who is popularly known as Kent State Gun Girl, is back in the headlines by claiming that rapper Lil Nas X threatened to rape her dad. But it looks like her effort to get attention just boomeranged as netizens are slamming her and supporting the rapper instead. Here is what happened.

Lil Nas X has been making news since the release of his single 'Montero'. The Old Town Road singer then announced customized Nike 'Satan Shoes.' This has landed him in trouble as he is receiving backlash. Bennett, who became popular by tweeting a photo of herself carrying an AR-10 rifle with the caption "come and take it" on her graduation cap in 2018, took advantage of the situation and posted screenshot of the rapper blocking her on the micro-blogging site.

Kaitlin Bennett Lil Nas X
Trump supporter Kaitlin Bennett has claimed that rapper Lil Nas X has threatened to rape her dad. Instagram

Trump Supporter Slams 'Old Town Road' Rapper

Staunch Trump supporter Bennett captioned the screenshot, "It's week like these that I'm thankful to be blocked by Lil Nas X." Annoyed by this caption, rapper took to twitter to slam her and wrote: "I still see ur tweets shitty pants."

As if waiting for a chance, Bennett posted a response citing rapper's recent video. "The guy that takes it up the ass from Satan wants to talk about 'shitty pants?'" she wrote. But the tweet became controversial when she dragged Lil Nas' father into the conversation. "Do you still see your dad?" Bennett tweeted.

The rapper replied to Bennett saying, "Yep and I might f**k yours." She immediately took a screenshot of the same and claimed that Lil Nas X threatened to rape her father. "Lil Nas just threatened to rape my dad. Sounds about what I'd expect," she tweeted.

Kaitlin Bennett Justification

Netizens have slammed Bennett for bringing up the rapper's dad in her conversation. One of the Twitter users said: "Maybe you shouldn't have brought up his dad in such a condescending manner if you couldn't handle him talking about yours in the same. Seems like you started and now want to play victim." One user brought in the racism claim and stated: "A white woman lying about a black man and rape after provoking him. Then proceeded to play the victim. History repeats itself time and time again."

After receiving the backlash, Bennett wrote: "It's nice to be hated by all the right people. This guy is a literal pedophile that says child pornography should be legal." To justify her actions, Bennett also tweeted: "I like to measure my success, in part, based on who hates me. And I have to say I'm doing very well for myself if porn stars, pedos, Satanists, and degenerates all come together to hate me. The problem would be if they were on my side."

Meanwhile, Lil Nas X continues to face negative comments and backlash for his Satan Shoes collaboration. The latest reports claim that Nike is suing MSCHF, the Brooklyn-based company, for selling 666 pairs of altered Nike Air Max 97s titled "Satan Shoes" sold in collaboration with rapper Lil Nas X.