Did Kris Wu Rape a LA Minor? Teenager Alleges Singer Selected Concubines from International Students

A minor girl from Los Angeles has approached California law firm leveling sexual assault charges against Chinese rapper and former KPOP singer Kris Wu.

A teenager from Los Angeles has opened up about Kris Wu claiming that she was allegedly sexually assaulted by the singer. She has accused the Chinese rapper and former KPOP star of raping her when she was unconscious. The girl reportedly was a minor when the incident occurred and has now decided to take the legal action.

According to Koreaboo, the girl opened up about the issue with lawyer Jing Wang from Kingswood Law firm in California. She claimed that Kris Wu, also known was Wu Yi Fan, invited international students to parties and selected his 'concubines'. She explained how she fell into Kris Wu laid trap.

Kris Wu
Chinese rapper, former EXO member Kris Wu. Instagram

Drinks, Drugs and a Trap

The girl claimed that she was invited by Kris Wu's assistant to a gathering. Before entering the venue, the invitees were asked to leave their phones behind, citing security [to avoid photos, videos being circulated] reasons. She told that she felt uncomfortable at the venue. Everyone had to sing freestyle and drinks were provided. The invitees were made to take something that looked like drugs or Viagra.

On the fateful day, the girl said that she had too many drinks and fell unconscious. And when she woke up she realized that Kris Wu had sexual intercourse with her. She said that she was not fully conscious when she was with Kris Wu and did not dare to collect evidence against the singer. So, she kept silent for years fearing negative comments from fans. She mentioned how Du Meizhu, the first girl who alleged that Kris Wu had sexually harassed her, was bombarded with hate messages online and did not want to face the same.

U.S. Law on Rape

Besides the Los Angeles teenager, at least 24 other girls have come forward claiming that they were victims of Kris Wu's sexual assault. According to Wang, a team of lawyers is evaluating the Los Angeles teen's situation. If it is confirmed that there is truth to her story, her firm will represent her in bringing a case against Kris Wu. Wang is also ready to represent more victims in this case, if they decide to come forward.

Kris Wu was arrested on July 31 by Beijing police. According to U.S. law, if the victim is below 18 years, irrespective of the fact that sex was consensual, the person having sex with a minor will be considered to have committed rape under California Penal Code Section 261. If proved guilty, the person in question could be jailed for 11 years. Apart from this, victim can also seek compensation including medical treatments, psychological assistance, and wage loss, among others under the civil law.

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