Did Joe Biden Fall Asleep Mid Interview While Talking About Jill Biden? Speculations After Video Clip Goes Viral

Social media was rife with speculations about U.S. President Joe Biden falling asleep mid-interview with MSNBC's host Jonathan Capehart. The duo was talking about Biden's possible run in the upcoming 2024 elections.

Joe Biden
U.S. President Joe Biden Twitter

Biden Was Talking About Dr Biden

The clip tweeted by RNC Research has clocked over 6 million views within a few hours of being uploaded. On being asked about his decision to run for the office again in 2024, Biden said he was not yet formally declaring his candidacy, because once he does, a "whole series of regulations kick in, and I have to treat myself as a candidate from that moment on.

"I have not made that formal decision, but it's my intention. My intention to run again. And we have time to make that decision," he told Capehart.

The clip then shows Capehart asking the president if his wife supports the decision. "Dr. Biden is for it?" Instead of answering the question, Biden is seen pausing and looking down at the floor making Capehart call out, " Mr President?"

Appearing to be coming out of a sleepy daze Biden goes on to say, "Dr. Biden thinks that, my wife thinks that," Biden said before pausing again. "That we're doing something very important, and I shouldn't walk away from it."

Social Media Says Biden Was Sleeping

Biden was criticized for his delayed reaction, which many believed was a result of him falling asleep.

"what drugs did they give him before this interview? this is sickening to watch. Even more sickening is the people who put him in charge and the ones who still think this man is fit to run a country. i can not comprehend how they could, and his wife should be ashamed of herself!" tweeted a user.

"I remember when Trump would speak and stumble over a single word, making the left claim he was "unfit mentally," to be president. Biden falls asleep during interviews and nobody bats an eye," read another tweet.

"This is fucking crazy!! The @POTUS falls asleep mid-interview. What an embarrassment to our country," expressed a user.

"Mr President, Oh!" Says the interviewer when Biden almost falls asleep in the middle of the interview! We are living in Idiocracy!" wrote a user.