Did Hunter Biden Give HIV to His Brother's Widow? Leaked Email Shows Him Forcing Hallie Biden to Undergo Test and Share Result

Hunter Biden, the disgraced son of US President Joe Biden, was forcing his brother's widow, Hallie Biden, to undergo an HIV test, a leaked email has revealed. The incident took place in July 2018, months before they duo broke up.

Earlier, Biden's former wife, Kathleen Buhle, had accused him of having sex with his brother's grieving widow, Hallie, a day after Beau Biden's tragic death due to brain cancer. The startling revelation was made in one of the notes recovered from Hunter's abandoned laptop. It was also reported that Hunter, while having an affair with Hallie, also exchanged raunchy texts with her married sister, Elizabeth Secundy. The erotic text messages in which Hunter spoke about teaching masturbation to Secundy, were also found on his laptop.

Hunter Biden and Haillie Biden
Hunter Biden and Haillie Biden Twitter

Why Was Hunter Forcing For the Test?

The startling revelations were made in an email obtained by Fox News Digital. The email with the subject line, "YOU NEED TO GET TESTED FOR HIV HALLIE," was sent to Beau's widow nearly a month before Hunter fathered a child with former stripper Lunden Roberts.

Demanding that Hallie shares her test results with him, Hunter wrote; "You need to inform me of the result. TODAY," Hunter wrote at the time. "I am getting tested today. I have been sick scared Hallie and you [hang] up on me. The love you give is so disturbing. I love you [Hallie] even when you're cruel. GET TESTED AND TELL ME RESULTS Today."

Hunter had also suggested Hallie to undergo counseling. "[You're] not clean and sober Hallie," Hunter wrote. "You've found a new release for your poisoned mind ... you need serious long term professional help and I hope you get it. I promise I will try my best to make that happen," read an email.

Biden Had Approved of Hunter's Relationship with Hallie

In his memoir 'Beautiful Things,' Hunter had revealed the details of his affair with Hallie. It was stated that the duo entered into a relationship in 2016, a year after his brother's death due to brain cancer.

In a statement issued at that time, Biden had supported the couple's relationship. "We are all lucky that Hunter and Hallie found each other as they were putting their lives together again after such sadness. They have mine and Jill's full and complete support and we are happy for them," the statement had read.

Hunter, who had refused to being father of Roberts' child, was ordered to pay child support after an Arkansas judge ruled that junior Biden was the "biological and legal father" of the child in January 2020.