Did Goldberg express his willingness to clash with Undertaker on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions?

The Broken Skull Sessions
Goldberg on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions. WWE

Goldberg will be the second guest on Steve Austin's podcast Broken Skull Sessions. The episode will be aired on Sunday, 15 December, immediately on WWE Network after TLC goes off air.

In one of the teasers released on the official YouTube page of WWE, Goldberg is seen talking about the comparisons between them. "I wanted to kill you," Goldberg says. "You represented the enemy. I never could have made it where I was without you being Steve Austin. I was the copycat over at WCW," he adds.

The two stars represented two different companies and Goldberg stated that they were different in their own ways despite similarities. He added, "Did I feel like it? Only when people said something about it. I'd say there is a huge freaking difference between those two guys right there. You and I couldn't be any more alike, but be more unlike each other."

In another promotional clip, Goldberg answers Austin's questions in 'rapid-fire' round. From favourite movie to drink, he responds to the Texas Rattle's queries in just one words.

He also claimed that his favourite opponent was Big Show simply because he enjoyed lifting 500 pound person. Check out Goldberg's response to Austin's questions which is revealed in the teaser.

Randy Savage - Slim Jim

Hulk Hogan - Thank you

Vince McMahon - Thank you

Diamond Dallas Page - Mentor

Brock Lesnar - Worthy opponent

Paul Heyman - Godfather

Sting - Mentor

Ric Flair - Trailblazer

Roman Reigns - Future

Triple H - My boss

Austin - My idol

The Undertaker - I owe him a receipt

However, his comment that "he owes a receipt to The Undertaker" is seen as an indication of him willing to have a match with him. They had clashed at Saudi Arabia and it ended up as a poor match as he suffered a concussion.