Did Captain America Predict Coronavirus Outbreak? Conspiracy Theorist Says Yes with Video Proof

The claims of conspiracy theorists have gone viral, making many people believe that the coronavirus outbreak was a planned and executed one

Captain America
A still from the movie Captain America: The First Avenger YouTube

The novel coronavirus that apparently originated in a Wuhan seafood market is continuing its deadly killing spree all over the world. With nearly 6.29 million positive cases and more than 3,80,000 deaths, the pandemic has affected almost all countries in the world. Amid this chaos, conspiracy theorists have now started claiming that Marvel's Captain America had predicted the outbreak of the coronavirus way back in 2011.

Did Captain America Predict Coronavirus?

In order to substantiate their theory, the conspiracy theorists show a clip from the 2011 film, Captain America: The First Avenger. In one scene from the movie, Captain America can be seen standing in a New York Street, and in the backdrop, we can see an advertisement for Corona beer, the depiction of a virus, and a face mask above a car.

Popular conspiracy theorist Scott L Biddie posted his finding on his Facebook page, and it has already gone viral in online spaces. The post is now receiving positive responses from his followers, and everyone argues that Marvel gave a hint about the coronavirus outbreak in 2011.

"Truth in plain sight. They always do that," commented Dee Sam, a Facebook user.

"Predictive programming," commented Darrell Catwell, a YouTuber.

Hands of Illuminati behind The Developments

Several conspiracy theorists believe that Illuminati, the invisible government of governments have a direct role behind every happening on the Earth. According to the conspiracy theorists, big banners like Marvel have direct links to this group, and through their movies, they gave hints to people regarding future events.

A few weeks back, citing an episode in The Simpsons, several conspiracy theorists had argued that the American cartoon show had predicted the coronavirus outbreak. In the episode aired in 1993, the makers depicted the rise of a pandemic named Osaka Flu, and several people now argue that they were actually referring to the coronavirus.