Ability of Coronavirus to Infect Humans from Day 1 Suggests Its Laboratory Origin, Study Says

The research report suggested that coronavirus, which originated from Wuhan, appears perfectly prepared to infect humans.

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A new study conducted by a team of Australian researchers has found that the novel coronavirus that has already killed more than 3,41,000 people worldwide possess the unique capability to infect humans. The study claimed that COVID-19 lacks certain characteristics of a normal zoonotic, as it has exceptional abilities to attack humans from day one.

Was Coronavirus Artificially Created?

Professor Nikolai Petrovsky, a vaccine researcher who led the study suggested that the virus could have been transmitted to humans due to natural causes, but he did not dismiss the idea that this pandemic might have been created in a laboratory.

According to Petrovsky, new viruses usually gain strength as they accommodate to human hosts. However, in the case of coronavirus, things are different, as this pathogen appeared perfectly prepared to infect humans.

"I haven't seen a zoonotic virus that has behaved in this way before. The implications may not be good for scientists or global politics, but just because the answers might cause problems, we can't run away from them. There is currently no evidence of a leak but enough circumstantial data to concern us. It remains a possibility until it is ruled out," Petrovsky told Daily Mail.

Coronavirus Latest Updates

As per the latest statistics, coronavirus, which apparently originated from a seafood market in Wuhan, has infected more than 5.4 million people worldwide. The United States is one of the worst affected countries due to this pandemic outbreak, and the nation tops the chaos chart with more than 98,000 deaths and more than 1.6 million positive cases.

A couple of days back, Dr Hans Kluge, Director of the WHO European region, had revealed that the second wave of COVID-19 that could hit Europe this winter will turn deadlier than the first outbreak. This dire warning from Kluge comes at a time when several nations are planning to ease lockdown measures.

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