Did aliens living on moon warn humans never to go back there?

According to a new theory, the moon is being ruled by an advanced alien civilization, and they have asked us never to return to the moon.

alien invasion

Conspiracy theories are usually wild, and many times they question the basic things which we learned from textbooks and newspapers. One such claim which grabbed public attention in the recent days is the presence of an alien civilization on the dark side of the moon.

According to the conspiracy theory website Ancient Code, humans are not going to visit Moon again as aliens have warned us not to pay another visit.

A more powerful breed than humans

According to the conspiracy theory, the dark side of the moon is home to an advanced alien group which is more powerful than humans. This alien group has issued a strong warning to space agencies, and that is why no countries are sending humans to the moon in the recent times.

Conspiracy theorists claim that NASA is aware of this fact, and they believe sending humans to Moon again will trigger a war between earth and moon.

According to UFO buffs and conspiracy theorists, the Federal Government in America and NASA are hiding many sinister secrets from the general public, and it includes the presence of aliens in the moon and the arrival of Nibiru which will trigger Doomsday.

As per the new theory, the NASA astronomers who landed on the moon had an alien encounter, and the advanced life forms have warned humans to never ever visit again. These people believe that the world is now so advanced, and it is very easy to set up a lunar base on the moon. But still, humans are not doing that and the reason is nothing but the alien presence on the moon's surface.

Is NASA covering up the truth?

Conspiracy theorists strongly believe that NASA is aware of the presence of extra-terrestrial life, and the space agency is covering it up for unknown reasons.

These people also claim that NASA is purposefully hiding the existence of Nibiru, so that an Armageddon will occur at any time which will help the secret societies in the world to build a new world as per Luciferian rule. Conspiracy theorists allege that Vatican and NASA are working hand-in-glove to keep the truth away from the public.

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