Did Actress Jin Ah Rim Mobilize Gang Against Whistleblower? Star Issues Clarification

Actress Jin Ah Rim reacted to allegations of her mobilizing a gang and said that she was falsely accused. Here is what happened!

A man had made allegations against Korean movie actress Jin Ah Rim and claimed that she had mobilized a gang to assault him. His claims were supported by CCTV footage. Currently, the actress has issued clarification and explained how she was a victim in this case and was falsely accused.

The incident in question occurred on May 28 around 3 AM KST at a park in Cheongdamdong, Seoul. The CCTV footage showed a man being assaulted in his car for about 20 minutes. The person who assaulted him was recorded saying "I know it (CCTV) is here. Do you think I don't know that?"

CCTV footage screenshot of man getting beaten up in Seoul. Youtube Screengrab

The Claim

The man who was getting beaten up stated that his attacker who came along with other people in three cars was a member of the gang, which was called in to assault him by actress Jin Ah Rim. The man was beaten up until the police arrived on the spot.

The man had claimed that he was assaulted after he wrote an accusatory post on his social media about an actress's rude behavior at his friend's restaurant. He had claimed that the actress had called him asking for his location and the man who assaulted him up reached there within 20 minutes.

The Explanation

Reacting to the claims, the actress spoke to media outlet OSEN on May 31. Giving explanation about the incident, the actress said that details in the accusatory post were edited to make her look like she was rude. "I usually get sponsored when I go to clubs. The accusatory post was about declining a sponsorship from a club, which was intentionally edited by the man in question to claim I was the one being rude. He is a person who I met once at a club. Back then, I refused to give my number to him. I also blocked him on Instagram because he was leaving instigating comments on all of my posts," Jin Ah Rim said.

She also said that the person who beat the man up and those surrounding his cars were her fans. "When my fans approached him and said they were a fan of mine, he yelled swears to them. And then they both got into a fight but then the earlier report said it was a unilateral assault, which is not true. Somehow my fans were gang members and I became the mastermind psychopath. It's really frustrating. I wasn't rude in the first place, and I'm the victim who is being threatened for settlement money from an anti-fan."

Actress has stated that she has filed a lawsuit against the man for defamation. And said that she was wronged.