Twitch Travel Star Sexually Assaulted in Thailand During Live Stream; Shouts 'Stop It! Stop It'! [VIDEO]

Twitch travel star Tallulah was left in tears after she was groped by a man during a live stream while on a trip to Thailand. The clipping of the incident which happened in the broad daylight has gone viral on social media.

Twitch, a website owned by Amazon, hosts livestreams which is watched by millions of users globally. Largely used by the gamers, several travel celebs are also use the platform to livestream their travels.

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Tallulah's Attacker Caught on Camera

Tallulah who runs Awkward_Channel on Twitch has nearly 78,000 followers. Currently in Bangkok on a solo trip, Tallulah was sexually assaulted by an unidentified man who was walking behind her on May 27. The video has received over 54,000 views on the platform.

In the incident, which was watched live by several people, Tallulah was telling someone, "Don't touch me please," as she kept walking along on pavement next to a busy road. A middle-aged man is seen walking behind her is seen approaching the traveler.

He then suddenly bends slightly and gropes Tallulah from behind as she screams and tells him to stop the assault. After groping Tallulah, the man suddenly dashes off leaving her shell shocked and in tears.

After taking a moment to call herself, the streamer is heard saying, "I'm okay, I'm okay". The video, which is still available on the website is captioned 'Fking weirdo.'

Tallulah Reported the Incident to the Police

Later, describing her harrowing experience, Tallulah tweeted, ""Hey Awkwards I'm not streaming tomorrow. Going to police to report the incident that happened this afternoon. It's gonna be traumatic but I must to make sure this doesn't happen to any other girls. Or anyone else! Thanks for all your support today and your love!"

Responding to the incident, a user wrote, " Are you delusional? Thailand has an extremely high sexual assault problem. If you walk around alone on an empty side street in a country known to have high sexual assault rate expect to get sexually assaulted."

Claiming the sexual assault could have happened anywhere, Tallulah tweeted "Just to make this clear. This did not happen today because: I'm in a developing country (btw Thailand isn't 'developing'...)I am white/European/foreigner I am a woman/solo female traveler in Asia "THIS COULD HAVE HAPPENED ANYWHERE! And in fact it DOES!!!"