Are Jang Ki Yong And Son Yeon Jae Really Dating? Actors' Agencies Respond to Rumors

Actor Jang Ki Yong and former gymnast Son Yeon Jae rubbished dating rumors and said that they don't know each other at all!

South Korean actor Jan Ki Yong is rumored to be dating former rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon Jae. The rumors started making the rounds on social media after netizens claimed that both had posted their images with a similar background. But agencies of both celebrities have released statements and denied dating rumors.

It all started with netiznes digging into the Instagram handles of Jong Ki Yong and Son Yeon Jae. They claimed that both had uploaded similar photos of the ocean in Busan and started circulating the rumors that Jang Ki Yong and Son Yeon Jae were dating. The reason for netizens' curiosity was that both had shared the photo of ocean on the same day.

Seon Yeon Jae Jang Ki Yong
Agencies of former gymnast Son Yeon Jae and actor Jang Ki Yong have rubbished dating rumors. Instagram

Agencies Refute Dating Claims

The Search WWW star Jang Ki Yong's agency YG Entertainment released a statement denying the rumors. "Actor Jang Ki Yong says he and Son Yeon Jae do not know each other. The photo in question was taken when he went to Busan to film the drama Now, We Are Breaking Up.'

Son Yeon Jae's label, IB Sports Agency, too responded: "As a result of checking with Son Yeon Jae, she and Jang Ki Yong do not know each other at all." Thus the claim is false. Forget dating, both the celebrities were never spotted together.

Jang Ki Yong is currently busy with his drama My Roommate Is A Gumiho, which premiered on May 26. He is starring opposite Lee Hye Ri in the 16-episode drama. Moreover, Jang Ki Yong has been confirmed to star opposite Song Hye Kyo in SBS drama Now, We Are Breaking Up.

Former gymnast Son Yeon Jae had retired in 2017 and is currently the founder and instructor at Leap Studio, a rhythmic gymnastics academy. She is also seen in a number of TV shows. Son Yeon Jae had confirmed her relationship with the leader and lead guitarist of rock band F.T. Island's Choi Jong Hoon in June 2017. But just a month later in August, Choi revealed that they had broken up.

In 2018, there were rumors of Jang Ki Young dating actress Lee Ye Na. But both did not confirm the news and it remained as a rumor. This rumor was also spread after netizens found both stars sharing similar photos on their social media. There were also reports that the couple had travelled together to Thailand. But these reports were not confirmed.

Jang Ki Yong will be seen in the role of a wealthy photographer who will steal the heart of Song Hye Kyo, a fashion agent in the upcoming drama Now, We Are Breaking Up.

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