Devyn Michaels: Las Vegas Woman Chops Off Boyfriend's Head for Trying to Force Her to Perform Sex Act on Him; Mother Finds Headless Body in His Bed

Michaels is also married to Willette's son, a decision reportedly made "so he could help Devyn with her medical issues."

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A Las Vegas woman has been charged with murder for allegedly beheading her boyfriend when she claims he tried to force her to perform a sex act on him. Devyn Michaels, 45, was arrested on August 15 after the mother of her boyfriend Jonathan Willette, 46, discovered his headless body in his bed the week before.

When cops entered the room on August 7, they found the body still "smoking" and an odor of chemicals, suspected to be bleach and ammonia. This shocking discovery prompted the launch of an investigation into the gruesome death. Michaels was then brought in for questioning as part of the investigation.

Grisly Murder

Devyn Michaels
Devyn Michaels Twitter

The victim's head was not in the room and has still not been found, as police continue to investigate the case. According to the victim's mother, she had last seen her son the preceding night at approximately 10 pm. She had also encountered Michaels around 1 am while she was occupied with washing dishes in the kitchen.

Michaels told the victim's mother that Willette was intoxicated and resting in bed and the two planned to wake up early the next morning to enroll their children in school.

It's noteworthy that Michaels is also married to Willette's son, a decision reportedly made "so he could help Devyn with her medical issues."

Michaels told authorities that she left the home after speaking with Willette's mother that morning.

Jonathan Willette
Jonathan Willette Twitter

Investigators later found Willette's wallet, keys, social security card, and blood-stained phone at Michaels' home.

Additionally, during a polygraph test, Michaels showed a "significant reaction" when questioned about Willette's murder, as indicated in the police report.

When asked why she had a strong reaction, Michaels claimed that Willette had been abusive toward her and would have his oldest child take showers in front of him, according to an arrest report obtained by 8News Now.

Devyn Michaels
Devyn Michaels Twitter

She later admitted to hitting him on the head with a wooden stick after rejecting his advances. She reportedly claimed that her intention was solely to cause him an injury that would necessitate hospitalization and not kill him.

Complicated Relationship

According to social media, it seems possible that Michaels might have been Willette's former girlfriend. Moreover, Willette's Facebook profile indicates that he was in a relationship with another person.

Jonathan Willette
Jonathan Willette Twitter

The victim's mother said that she noticed her dogs locked outside and her son's truck parked outside her home after waking up around 8 am the next day. She then started searching for him when she made the horrifying discovery of his decapitated body.

Michaels was called in for questioning. During the interview, she revealed that she didn't live with Willette, but the idea of living together for the sake of their children had been under consideration.

Their relationship was intricate; Michaels lived with Willette's son, who had a strained relationship with his father and was upset at the prospect of relocating if Michaels and Willette moved in together, according to law enforcement.

Jonathan Willette
Jonathan Willette Facebook

Michaels was also married, although she maintained that her relationship with Willette was not intimate but rather rooted in medical reasons for her marriage.

A fundraiser aimed at covering Willette's funeral expenses indicated that he had a career on the Las Vegas strip for over two decades. Following the onset of the pandemic, he started a moving business, often seen operating his "truck and trailer across the Las Vegas valley."

Michaels never admitted to decapitating him, and it is unclear whether his head has been located.

The credibility of her abuse allegations remained uncertain, as highlighted by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The exact cause of Willette's is still pending, as reported by the coroner's office.