Destined With You Episode 13 Recap, Review

Destined With You episode 13 focused on the complicated relationship between Jang Shin Yu and Lee Hong Jo. The chapter aired on JTBC on Wednesday (October 4) at 10:30 pm KST. People in Korea watched it on TV. International K-drama fans enjoyed the show with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, including Netflix.

The fantasy romance drama picked up right from where it left off in episode 12 and featured a conversation between the onscreen couple. The chapter took the viewers through an emotional rollercoaster ride. It began by featuring the lawyer trying to convince the civil servant that there was nothing to worry about. Whatever happened in their past lives will not be repeated. But the civil servant wanted to believe everything the Shamam told her.

Lee Hong Jo requested her boyfriend to give her some time to decide about their future together. The civil servant said she wanted to know if his health would improve if they stopped seeing each other for a while. Since the lawyer did not want to believe anything Shamam Eun said, he asked his girlfriend to stay by his side until the end. But the civil servant thought her boyfriend could die because of her. Unwillingly, the couple parted ways and suffered from separation anxiety until the civil servant got into trouble.

Destined With You
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An Unexpected Attack

Lee Hong Jo was struggling with separation anxiety when she received a call from her boyfriend. She ignored the call and started cleaning the house to distract herself from the thoughts about him. In the meantime, her neighbor got a CCTV alert on his phone about a suspicious finger near their home. He immediately shared the details with Jang Shin Yu. They tried contacting the civil servant and alerting her about the danger. She checked her phone after a while and saw several missed calls from her neighbor and boyfriend.

The civil servant called back her neighbor only to hear about the psychic gardener roaming around their house. She panicked and started closing the windows when the gardener attacked her from outside. She got slightly hurt because the police reached the site on time. Jang Shin Yu rushed to the house to check on his lover. Upon reaching the place, he asked to pack her clothes and move to his home.

Lee Hong Jo did not say no to her boyfriend. They went to his place together. The lawyer noticed something unusual in the parking lots. He took his girlfriend inside and went to the parking area to check. The lawyer saw the gardener's car parked near his car. He called the gardener to confirm and realized his girlfriend was in danger.

The lawyer rushed to his house to stop the gardener from hurting his girlfriend. Meanwhile, the gardener pressed the doorbell and waited for the civil servant to open the door. When the gardener was about to attack her, the lawyer pulled him towards the stairs. The next thing viewers saw was the lawyer sitting unconscious in the stairway. He was in a pool of blood. Lee Hong Jo helplessly looks at him.