Death's Game Spoilers: Choi Yi Jae Wakes Up in Teenager Kwon Hyuk Soo's Body

Death's Game will feature the difficulties faced by Choi Yi Jae after he wakes up in a teenager's body. The high school student named Kwon Hyuk Soo faces several challenges in life and makes a dangerous decision when Choi Yo Kae wakes up in his body. The production team recently shared some details about the troubled teenager.

Teenage actor Kim Kang Hoon will portray a troubled teenager named Kwon Hyuk Soo in the upcoming fantasy thriller drama. The teenager lives in hell during his high school days due to a vicious squad of bullies at his school. He becomes their target because of his cautious personality and tiny figure.

The teenager suffers cruel abuse from the tormentors in classrooms, gymnasium, and other places. However, none of his classmates or teachers helped him. So, he makes a dangerous decision in life, and Choi Yi Jae wakes up in his body. Kwon Hyuk Soo begins to feel changes after the mind and soul of an exhausted man, 31, enters his body.

Death’s Game
Teenage actor Kim Kang Hoon as high school student Kwon Hyuk Soo in the upcoming thriller drama Death’s Game. Twitter/TVING

Kim Kang Hoon as Teenager Kwon Hyuk Soo

The cast member received praise from the producers for his acting skills while portraying the troubled teenager. According to the production team, the young actor surprised everybody present in the filming location with his acting skills. He pulled off both action scenes and emotional moments effortlessly.

"Kim Kang Hoon immersed himself so deeply in his character that we kept expressing our awe every moment we watched his acting. He pulled off both emotional acting and action scenes, and we felt for ourselves once again that he is truly an actor with unlimited potential. Please look forward to his acting, which holds enormous energy within his small frame," the producers shared.

Death's Game will premiere on TVING on Friday (December 15). K-drama fans from different countries, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and the UK, can watch it with subtitles on online streaming platforms.