The death conundrum: Woman claims to have experienced resonation of God during NDE

Medical professionals dismiss such experiences as mere hallucinations since the brain is starved of oxygen

The hypothetical concept of an afterlife has been puzzling humans since the day the species achieved consciousness. Citing religious textbooks, spiritualists strongly argue that humans begin their neverending journey after dying. However, medical experts claim that death is the end of everything, and they assert that humans will lose their consciousness forever as the brain stops functioning. In order to substantiate the existence of 'life after death', spiritualists cite near-death experiences of people, and one such NDE testimonial has now gone viral online.

The mysterious NDE filled with love

This astounding near-death experience testimonial is shared by a woman named Maureen on the NDERF (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation) website. Maureen was pushed to the jaws of death after a suicide attempt, but what she experienced during those moments was literally mindblowing.

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According to Maureen, she felt immense love and peace during the near-death experience. She added that she felt the presence of God throughout the period she was on the verge of death.

"Sensing the rapture that beautiful music evokes as waves is the nearest I may come to describing how breathtaking God appears and how melodiously God resonates. Everything around me was light and ethereal and warm and alive. The light was clearer and brighter than I had ever seen. Colors were beyond vibrant. I felt no fear. I felt no pain. I felt no judgment. I felt no blame. I felt no shame. I felt no fear here! Profound Love and Peace permeated every being everywhere. What I know to be the energy of Angels greeted me with the tenderest warmest energy. I felt embraced by them," wrote Maureen on the NDERF website.

Is death a pleasant experience?

Maureen claimed that death is undoubtedly a pleasant experience, and during these moments, she apparently lost awareness of her body. The near death experiencer said she felt more consciousness and alertness than never before.

Maureen revealed that her senses became more vivid than usual, and the light she saw during the near-death experience was clearly of mystical origin.

However, medical experts are not convinced, dismissing these experiences as nothing but hallucinations when the brain fails to get sufficient oxygen during life-threatening events.