Days after Leaked Kissing Pic with another woman, Archie Kao confirms Divorce with Chinese actress Zhou Xun

Archie Kao has put an end to all the rumours about the strained relationship with Zhou Xun. Days after his kissing snap with another woman surfaced, the actor has revealed that his marriage with the Chinese actress and singer has ended.

Zhou Xun and Archie Kao
Chinese actress Zhou Xun and Hollywood actor Archie Kao during Happy Times. Weibo

"We haven't taken a photo together for many years, of course we are divorced. I thought everyone already knew, so I'm surprised by the amount of attention we received today," Asiaone quotes Archie Kao through his friend as saying to Taiwan Apple Daily.

The couple tied the knot in 2014, but the rumours of their separations have been doing rounds for years now. A few months ago, her statement on a reality show had refuelled the divorce rumours.

Talking about her parents' successful marriage, the Suzhou River actress had said, "I think my parents are very lucky to be walking through life together. I grew up thinking that marriage was beautiful. But it also made me feel insecure because I felt like I could not completely replicate the happiness of my parents' marriage.We have our own experience in life, and I want to make my choice honestly"

The last online interaction that they had was in 2016 at Zhou Xun's birthday. Also, the American actor-producer had removed all the content related to her which was a clear indication of the trouble in their paradise.

Meanwhile, Archie Kao has reportedly fallen in love again. Recently, a picture of him kissing the alleged girlfriend had gone viral along with a handwritten love letter penned by her.

Archie Kao
Archie Kao's Leaked Liplock picture. Instagram

"My dear, wishing you good luck on your journey. Make the most of every day. I shall be waiting for you with a heart filled with passion. This world might have millions of roses, but you're my one and only rose. I love you," she posted. After the picture went viral, she made her Instagram account private.

She is believed to be a Singaporean flight attendant. Reports claim that she is pregnant and the couple is expected to tie the knot, soon.