BTOB Hyunsik's 'Lovestagrams' With Alleged Girlfriend Resurface on Korean Online Community

After Ilhoon, yet another person from the BTOB is in the news for wrongs reasons. Well, Hyunsik from the same boy band has hit the headlines following old pictures with his alleged girlfriend resurfaced on a popular Korean online community.

Hyunsik. Hyunsik Instagram

Going by the posts, Hyunsik and the girl followed each other on Instagram. Interestingly, it shows he was the only person from their group to be following her on the social media site.

Netizens then pointed out that the girl had the items that Hyunsik's owned. Like the two of them having the same mobile cases and wearing the same pants, etc. Interestingly, some pictures gave an impression that the alleged girlfriend was with him and Ilhoon during their vacation in Japan.

In one of the pictures, the 26-year-old K-pop star is seen having a lobster roll as he sits behind two unknown people. While one sported a checkered white dress, the other person was seen in a pink dress.

In another snap, the two unknown persons are seen walking together which many assume to be Hyunsik and his alleged girlfriend.

If it is not enough, netizens have discovered that they both shared the pictures of the same exhibit around the same time which gives credence to their alleged affair. Last but not the least, there is another snap of him with a female where he has claimed her to be BTOB's stylist.

Ilhoon. Ilhoon Instagram

Meanwhile, Jung Ilhoon is being investigated by the South Korean police for alleged marijuana usage. In a statement on Monday, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said that the star was referred for prosecution in July for violating the country's Narcotics Control Act.